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Firm producing workshop on mobile apps

July 17, 2017
A mobile app developer in the region is hosting a workshop this week. Read More

Ride-booking app taps customers' cars

January 4, 2017
Need a ride home from the bar, but don’t want to leave your car behind in the parking garage? An app available in Grand Rapids puts a spin on mobile ride-booking: the driver uses the client’s car. Read More

Ride-booking app rolls out new feature for market

September 21, 2016
A ride-booking app is adding a “top-requested” feature to its Grand Rapids service. Read More

Ride-booking app rolls into Grand Rapids market

July 28, 2016
A mobile ride-booking app is launching in the Grand Rapids market. Read More

Ride-booking app delivers ice cream

July 14, 2016
Ice cream trucks in the area will have some competition on Friday from a ride-booking app. Read More

Appliance maker partners on oven for 'automated' cooking

June 24, 2016
An appliance maker in the region is partnering with a food technology company to develop ovens that “enable advanced automated cooking and dynamic digital recipes.” Read More

Startup produces Sound of the City festival downtown

June 23, 2016
A startup developing an app for streaming and “mapping” local music is producing a music festival downtown on Saturday. Read More

Uber names top destinations in Grand Rapids

June 16, 2016
Grand Rapidians have been hitching rides from Uber since July 2014, when the ride service debuted here. Read More

Appliance brand develops Wi-Fi refrigerator

June 10, 2016
Having a party? A new refrigerator by an appliance brand in the region will allow you to remotely activate the ice maker to make more ice for the occasion. Read More

Startup rolls out platform for blood-draw appointments

March 28, 2016
A technology company with an Uber-like business model focused on a health care market is rolling out its online and mobile platform in Grand Rapids. Read More