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Law firms submit class action lawsuit against Wolverine Worldwide

December 5, 2017
A national team of law firms have announced a class action lawsuit against Wolverine Worldwide, 3M Corporation and Waste Management, Inc. over the alleged dumping of "toxic waste and polluting groundwater" in Belmont, Rockford and other areas in Kent County. Read More

Grand Rapids plans to increase water and sewer rates

November 23, 2017
The city has released a preliminary study recommending increases to water and sewer rates, beginning in January. Read More

Wolverine Worldwide expands water-filtration program

November 17, 2017
Wolverine Worldwide has expanded its list of homes now eligible for free water-filtration systems due to groundwater contamination stemming from the company’s disposal of waste byproducts in the 1960s. Read More

Officials: Water safe at 3 tested schools

November 16, 2017
| By AP
Officials said trace levels of hazardous chemicals in water at three elementary schools in the area don't pose a public health risk. Read More

State expands investigation into Wolverine Worldwide waste disposal

November 14, 2017
| By AP
Michigan officials said the state's investigation into the old disposal of tannery waste by Wolverine Worldwide has expanded. Read More

Wolverine Worldwide spending $3M to deal with dump sites

November 9, 2017
| By AP
Wolverine Worldwide expects to spend about $3 million this year dealing with chemicals at its former dump sites in the area. Read More

Tests show safe water at old Wolverine Worldwide waste sites

October 25, 2017
Test results show well water is safe to drink at a number of Wolverine Worldwide’s old dump sites in the area. Read More

Wolverine Worldwide giving 338 homes water-filtration systems

October 12, 2017
Wolverine Worldwide has pledged to pay for water testing and filtration systems in homes that might have been affected by the manufacturer’s disposal of leather tanning byproducts in the 1960s. Read More

School receives bottled water amid tests for hazardous chemicals

October 12, 2017
| By AP
Officials are shutting off drinking fountains and providing bottled water at a middle school in the area, as they test water for possible hazardous chemicals from a decades-old tannery waste dump site nearby. Read More

Ottawa County feeling the water pressure

Michigan agriculture is making a dent in the subterranean water supply.

April 17, 2015
When it comes to water use, all eyes are on California, struggling with a major drought now in its fourth year. Read More