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State fights bear poaching

LANSING — Government agencies and advocacy organizations are working to make sure the sun sets on Michigan bear poaching. Read More

Street Talk: Reading the economic tea leaves

Target market.

July 31, 2015
Consumer confidence in Michigan is approaching record levels, begging the question: Has the state’s economy recovered? Read More

Deed restrictions could hurt Michigan’s vacation industry

May 8, 2015
If you — like many Michiganders — rent your vacation home from time to time, make sure you consider the potential impact that deed restrictions may have on your right to continue using your property as a vacation rental. Read More

Michigan gives back its gains in foreign exports

February 28, 2014
The latest snapshot for Michigan’s exporting companies shows that, in the last month of 2013, foreign sales dropped to $4.77 billion from $5.22 billion in November, adjusted for seasonal variation, a statistical process that equalizes recurring volatility in the monthly state indicators for factors such as the number of days in a month and thus brings them in line with national indicators. Read More

Poor apple crop hits workers and growers

September 24, 2012

LANSING — As apple growers statewide struggle to make up for losses, experts say the economic ramifications of one of the toughest crop years in history could have a negative long-term effect.

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Small businesses fill 10K jobs

August 31, 2012

Since January, small businesses across Michigan have filled close to 10,000 jobs, according to the Michigan’s Small Business Jobs Insight project, which is designed to tally and report the growing number of small business jobs being filled in regions and industries across the state. The project is a cooperative effort of the Small Business Association of Michigan, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce and Issue Media Group.

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State targets sales record zappers

August 31, 2012

Any Michigan business owner tempted to underreport cash receipts with the use of “zapper” software had best beware: Since last week, simple possession of the software is good for a one-year minimum mandatory jail sentence plus severe financial penalties.

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