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Fixing our broken health care: Part II

February 28, 2014
Personally, I might not have approached financial access the way our Congress did — at least through Obamacare — but I am singularly unimpressed by blindly belligerent attitudes and alternative-less Republicans. Read More

Association develops app for Obamacare updates

February 12, 2014
An association is taking advantage of mobile push notifications to expand its services — and members’ understanding of Obamacare. Read More

Fixing our broken health care: Part I

January 31, 2014
The issues surrounding the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, have been some of our nation's biggest news and political stories — and they promise to continue. That’s because the act is neither a panacea nor a curse. Read More

Insurer doubts statewide increase in health plans

January 21, 2014
The uninsured and others still have 2.5 months to sign up for government-subsidized private insurance under the federal health care law without facing a tax penalty. Read More

How should you navigate the health care marketplace?

January 1, 2014
| By AP
Need health insurance? Here are some tips. Read More

Net Investment Income Tax may be a lump of coal

December 20, 2013
A lump of coal may show up in some stockings this holiday season. Read More

Health system lays off employees due to Obamacare

December 20, 2013
A health care system in the region has confirmed that it is laying off an undisclosed number of employees — due to the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act. Read More

Obamacare signs up 6,800 in Michigan

December 18, 2013
LANSING — Fewer than 7,000 Michigan residents purchased health insurance through the federal government's online insurance marketplace during the first two months of enrollment — a small number considering hundreds of thousands of people are anticipated to be covered in 2014. Read More

Priority Health will; Blue Cross won’t

It’s up to Michigan carriers to decide if they’ll extend pre-Obamacare plans.

December 6, 2013
The latest snafu in Obamacare left a marketing opportunity that Priority Health is pursuing in one direction — but the Blues is pursuing in the opposite direction. Read More

Should health care be limited to the insured?

November 30, 2013
Opponents of Obamacare have been justly criticized for not having an alternative plan in case Obamacare is repealed. An answer is easily at hand. There could be a real alternative solution to our health coverage and cost problems. Read More