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Debate looms over how to divide the state surplus

Contextually, the amount in question is pretty small.

LANSING —Tax cuts or a tax rebate? Pensions or a bailout for Detroit? Read More

Airports expect fewer travel snarls during holidays

Detroit and Ford question report stating half of world’s airports will face delays.

December 13, 2013
LANSING — Travel becomes more frustrating on the day before major holidays, the U.S. Travel Association warns, but airport officials in Detroit and Grand Rapids aren’t concerned. Read More

Like it or not, Metro Detroit and GR are comparable

October 18, 2013
University of Michigan economist Don Grimes and I are working on our annual progress report on the Michigan economy. Read More

Will Detroit's bankruptcy end irresponsible lending?

September 17, 2013
Detroit’s bankruptcy will ultimately have a positive impact on cities across West Michigan and the U.S. Read More

Motor City financial madness and institutions of higher debt

September 13, 2013
Most of the world’s major economies have developed a cavalier attitude toward debt that is not only unique to them but also held by millions of households that are financing college education. Read More

Detroit will recover on the shoulders of business leaders

July 26, 2013
Grand Rapids Business Journal applauded Gov. Rick Snyder’s move in February to appoint a six-member Michigan financial review team to determine whether it should declare a financial emergency in Detroit and allow an emergency financial manager to take over city operations. Read More

Bankruptcy won’t traumatize West Michigan

July 26, 2013
The Detroit bankruptcy — the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history — has financial experts and economic developers on the western side of the state wondering if there will be any ripple effects here, and if so, what? Read More

OST plants stake in downtown Detroit

July 25, 2013
Could now be the right time to expand a business into Detroit? Read More

Detroit files for bankruptcy

July 19, 2013
DETROIT — At the height of its industrial power, Detroit was an irrepressible engine of the American economy, offering well-paying jobs, a gateway to the middle class for generations of autoworkers and affordable vehicles that put the world on wheels. Read More

Current education policy creates another generation unfit for jobs

March 22, 2013
Many area economic development professionals this past week gave a good deal of their time to be present for Gov. Rick Snyder’s “economic summit” in Detroit, several days of which were spent parsing whether the estimated 100,000 job openings in Michigan are the result of a “mismatch” predicated on a “skills gap” between job seekers and job qualifications, or whether the economic data showing a vast majority of corporate America is sitting on “unprecedented levels of cash” and is unwilling to hire. Read More