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Judge sentences ex-funeral director for fraud

August 9, 2016
| By AP
A former funeral director in the region has been sentenced to jail for fraud. Read More

Powered wheelchair fraud: Another example of Medicare abuse

October 22, 2015
Chances are you’ve seen a commercial for powered wheelchairs within the last decade. Read More

Technology creates greater opportunities for fraud

October 9, 2015
Eric Larson is a forensic accountant, which means he’s seen a fair share of fraud and embezzlement schemes during the course of his career investigating these crimes. Read More

Fraud cases leading to safeguards

Forensic accountant reminds business owners that ‘trust is not an internal control.’

October 2, 2015
West Michigan is a nice place, a fairly economically successful place, but it’s not a place that’s immune to fraud. Read More

Judge sentences farmer for fraud

September 15, 2015
A farmer who defrauded federal farm programs is going to prison. Read More

Fraud takes 5 percent bite out of business revenue

July 10, 2015
The world economy loses an estimated $3.5 trillion annually to fraud. Read More

Businessman receives seven-year prison sentence for fraud

August 14, 2014
A businessman who defrauded his victims of $1.4 million has landed himself in prison for the next seven years. Read More

Pharmacy staff indicted on $60M health care fraud

January 31, 2014
A pharmacy CEO and his employees have been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly committing $60 million in health care fraud. Read More

Building owner defrauds feds

January 30, 2014
A building owner working on two real estate projects pled guilty to a felony charge of submitting false claims to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in conjunction with receiving local and state funds. Read More

Whistleblowers play an important role in fighting fraud

November 1, 2013
According to the Medicare Newsgroup, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has estimated that money lost to fraud each year totals between 3 and 10 percent of all health care billings. Read More