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The power of human interaction

September 15, 2017
Success occurs only when we include humanity in a transaction. Read More

Empowering our students to love science

June 30, 2017
Health sciences, medicine and biomedical research are not possible without the right technology, the right resources and, most importantly, the right people. Read More

Today’s students are the future of human health

October 2, 2015
New therapies for cancer and other human diseases begin as ideas — ideas conceived by research scientists with creative minds, problem-solving skills, and a deep, resonant understanding of the scientific process. Read More

Street Talk: Health care staff shortages are on the horizon

Split the money.

August 30, 2013
“Is Long-Anticipated Slowdown Here?” was the arresting headline on a news release from Altarum Institute in early August. Read More

Transferring technology from academia to business

GVSU expands its role in helping commercialize new intellectual property.

August 23, 2013
Many universities, especially the big research universities like the University of Michigan, are the “idea factories” in every state, according to J. Kevin McCurren. Read More

MSU develops construction strategies for Grand Rapids research facility

June 21, 2013
Michigan State University is about to make major progress in developing the space it owns in Grand Rapids and the university’s research capabilities. Read More

MSU receives up to $25 million for global food-system research

November 23, 2012
| By AP
EAST LANSING –– Michigan State University expects to get up to $25 million over five years to help improve agricultural production and reduce poverty around the world. Read More