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Kent County's annual 'bifurcated budget' goes public on Thursday

Funding through the state would total $44.4 million, with a matching $25 million from the county.

September 19, 2014
Kent County operates on a calendar year but the state follows the federal fiscal year starting Oct. 1 — and a lot of money comes through the state to Kent County each year — so the county board is doing its annual work to stitch together its so-called “bifurcated budget.” Read More

Rolling forecasts are best budgeting tools

September 16, 2014
For years, the traditional budget has been the tried and tested way to financially operate a business. Read More

GVSU tuition increases 2.8 percent

Increase is lowest in 10 years, thanks to meeting performance guidelines.

July 18, 2014
Current and future Lakers are looking at the lowest tuition rate increase in the last 10 years. Read More

Local groups respond positively to Snyder’s budget plan

Reinstatement of county revenue sharing earns plaudits.

February 7, 2014
Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget proposal for the 2014-15 fiscal year is getting a thumbs-up from local leaders. Read More

Street Talk: Now, about that Grand Rapids income tax vote …

Food fun.

February 7, 2014
Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget proposal for FY2015 sounds like maybe the state, at long last, will loosen the purse strings and share some funds with GR — which would be great for fixing Furniture City’s streets that are now more pothole than pavement. Read More

County getting ready to adopt a budget

Spending will be up for improvements and veterans’ needs, but down for farmland preservation.

November 8, 2013
Kent County commissioners will adopt a general fund budget next week for the upcoming fiscal year that starts Jan. 1. Read More

County likely to spend more on upgrades next year

Information technology is targeted to get bulk of Kent’s CIP funds.

July 19, 2013
The Kent County Finance Committee agreed last week to spend a bit more on capital improvements next year, largely because a panel chose to dedicate 0.25 mills from the operating millage to the budget instead of the 0.2 mills assigned this year. Read More

Kent County budgets for capital improvements

July 4, 2013
The Kent County Finance Committee is beginning its annual effort to whittle down $10.8 million worth of requests for capital improvement projects to a more affordable $4 million, which will make up next year’s CIP budget. Read More

Kent County changes budget provisions

July 3, 2013
Kent County Commissioners made a few changes to the guidelines they will follow in putting the general operations and capital improvement budgets together for the coming fiscal year that begins Jan. 1. Read More

City Commission OKs budgets and new millage tax rate

Millage request for parks funding also approved for ballot.

June 21, 2013
Last week Grand Rapids city commissioners adopted a new fiscal-year budget, approved a host of other city-related spending plans, established a new millage rate for the 2014 year that begins next Monday, and gave a green light to a new millage request voters will see this fall. Read More