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Automobile accidents and catastrophic loss in Michigan — a primer

April 30, 2016
In literally a second, a life can be changed on Michigan roads. Read More

Kent County scores top credit rating

April 29, 2016
Kent County still has the best credit rating possible. Read More

How can I generate extra cash flow to fund my retirement plan?

April 29, 2016
This is a question that we hear from our clients quite regularly. It’s great that we’re asked this question, because it implies that the person asking the question — at the very least — is thinking about saving for retirement and recognizes that every dollar coming in and going out counts. Read More

Bank approves $15M share buyback expansion

April 19, 2016
A local bank has expanded a share re-purchase program by $15 million and declared a quarterly dividend. Read More

Whirlpool approves $1B share buyback

April 19, 2016
Whirlpool is demonstrating "confidence" in its "long-term plans" through a $1-billlion share re-purchase program, as well as an increase to its quarterly dividend. Read More

Brothers sell tool-and-die shop

April 18, 2016
A tool-and-die shop in the area owned by two brothers has been purchased by an entrepreneur looking to capitalize on the growing market in West Michigan for specialized machining. Read More

Bank makes acquisition

April 15, 2016
A pair of community banks in the region are uniting to create an institution with about $440 million in assets. Read More

Seller’s market should hold strong through rest of the year

West Michigan’s ‘values’ are prevalent when businesses change hands.

April 8, 2016
It was a seller’s market for companies looking to be acquired in 2015, and that trend doesn’t look to change in the next few years. Read More

Bank taps lemonade as teaching tool

April 8, 2016
This is a story about turning financial lemons into lemonade — and entrepreneurialism. Read More

Bank grant opens museum to children

April 6, 2016
A grant from a bank foundation will help introduce the area’s youngest students to the world of robots. Read More