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Grocery store invests $2.5M in renovation

July 31, 2014
A family owned grocery store has bought the shopping center where it operates, and it's planning a major renovation. Read More

Hard cider maker releases summer varieties

July 30, 2014
A hard cider maker is expanding its lineup for the summer. Read More

Amway expands on the Nutrilite story

July 28, 2014
A global brand of vitamins and dietary supplements is celebrating its 80th anniversary with the second edition of an ebook chronicling the journey of its founder, product development and global manufacturing expansion. Read More

Arena District throws French party

July 17, 2014
The Arena District is hosting a French-themed party tonight. Read More

Tami VandenBerg activates community

July 15, 2014
Tami VandenBerg is a business woman, a community leader and an activist willing to take enormous risks, blending a love for community, event organizing, the arts and helping vulnerable people. Read More

Bar expands into college town

July 14, 2014
The regional expansion of a top-ranked bar continues. Read More

Bagel supplier acquires food startup incubator

July 14, 2014
A supplier of bagels across the region has acquired the food incubator where it first launched. Read More

Craft spirits maker wins gold for vodka

July 11, 2014
A lakeshore distillery is making some waves in the vodka industry. Read More

Tavern re-fills neighborhood space

July 11, 2014
The former home of a longtime corner restaurant and bar on Grand Rapids’ west side is being re-born. Read More

Mitsubishi subsidiary acquires pork producer

July 11, 2014
An Indiana subsidiary of Mitsubishi has acquired a pork producer in the region. Read More