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New skin care product launched in Kentwood

Keeki Pure & Simple’s KPS Essentials will double employment at the small company.

August 28, 2015
It’s not rocket science, but the formula of Ren? Face Cream does hint at the high-tech background of the man involved with its development. Read More

VAEI releases web platform for science education

August 20, 2015
Van Andel Education Institute hopes a new interactive, web-based instructional tool will empower teachers and engage students in science and engineering investigations. Read More

Hospitals sign rehabilitation agreement

August 18, 2015
A local hospital has expanded its statewide rehabilitation network by signing an agreement with a hospital in northern Michigan. Read More

Health insurer names Quality Award practices

August 18, 2015
Physician practices across the region that are skilled in preventive care and chronic disease management are being recognized by an insurer. Read More

Company acquires medical practice consulting firm

August 17, 2015
A firm that provides consulting services and equipment to medical practices has been acquired by an East Lansing company. Read More

Health industry cluster addresses talent shortage

August 14, 2015
West Michigan-based health care employers have come together to create a work-based, earn-and-learn apprenticeship for medical assistants. Read More

HIPAA’s demands on the IT industry

August 14, 2015
We’re familiar with signing our lives away at the doctor’s office on HIPAA paperwork, but how is this policy affecting the IT industry? Read More

Law firm wins medical malpractice case in Michigan Supreme Court

August 11, 2015
The Michigan Supreme Court has cleared up a decade of confusion with a recent ruling related to medical malpractice lawsuit filings. Read More

Health system names COO of hospital group

August 11, 2015
A veteran health care executive from Indiana is the new chief operating officer of a health system’s hospital group. Read More

Law firm and mental health provider establish partnership

August 11, 2015
A law firm has teamed up with a nonprofit mental health provider to offer legal services. Read More