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Fair Credit Reporting Act litigation on the rise

March 27, 2015
Although nothing has changed recently regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act, litigation against companies that have failed to fully comply with its requirements is increasing. Read More

Woman faces prison time over fast-food shooting

March 26, 2015
| By AP
A woman unhappy with her fast-food order is facing prison time for shooting at the restaurant. Read More

Law firm plans for hiring after practice growth

March 25, 2015
A law firm is focusing on strategic hiring to serve growing segments of its client base, due to the growing economy in West Michigan. Read More

Judge sentences ex-marketing exec for fraud

March 23, 2015
A former marketing director at a college in the region has been sentenced to prison for defrauding the school. Read More

Feds charge woman over $2M in false tax refunds

March 17, 2015
| By AP
A woman who promoted herself as the "No. 1 Tax Lady" is in hot water with the Internal Revenue Service. Read More

Bar produces Ask-a-Lawyer

March 16, 2015
The Grand Rapids Bar Association is partnering with the Grand Rapids Public Library once again to provide information to the public on key legal topics. Read More

Judge sentences woman for Ponzi scheme

March 11, 2015
| By AP
A judge has sentenced a woman to prison and ordered her to pay restitution for her role in a Ponzi scheme. Read More

Law firm sees attorney collaboration and growth ahead

March 10, 2015
A law firm that relocated last year is seeing a resurgence in collaboration among attorneys, thanks to the design of its new office space. Read More

Ex-county commissioner faces prison for embezzlement

March 10, 2015
| By AP
A former county commissioner is facing prison time after pleading guilty in an embezzlement case. Read More

Feds settle suit over encounter with immigration agents

March 9, 2015
| By AP
The federal government has agreed to settle a lawsuit by a Hispanic family over an encounter with immigration agents. Read More