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Letter: Community needs 'doers'

January 8, 2016
Editor: I found your opinion piece from Dec. 21 on the engaging of more doers refreshing (“Assure a seat at the table for the community ‘doers,’ not just the donors”). Read More

Letter: Moral compass drives economics

January 8, 2016
I couldn’t disagree more with Dan Clark in the letter to the editor in the Dec. 28 issue (“Religion and economics don’t mix”). Read More

Letter: Religion and economics don’t mix

December 25, 2015
Editor: I am a longtime customer of Gemini and reader of the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Read More

Letter: Downtown Grand Rapids is moving forward, not backward

November 20, 2015
Editor: A public discussion 18 months in the making moves to a climatic stage in December, as the Grand Rapids City Commission considers adopting a 10-year community plan and investment strategy to transform the Grand River into a distinct asset and support the next generation of growth in downtown Grand Rapids — which anchors one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. Read More

Letter: Clean air necessary

October 30, 2015
Editor: I was pleased to see the Grand Rapids Business Journal’s recent article on the new EPA limits on ozone pollution (“Air quality remains hot topic despite stricter EPA limits,” Oct. 26, 2015). Read More

Letter: Peters’ support is appreciated

October 23, 2015
Editor: Landmark legislation to update the Women’s Business Centers program and increase business assistance to the nation’s 10 million women entrepreneurs passed the Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee Oct. 7. Read More

Letter: Students need reading tools

October 16, 2015
Editor: As a Michigan business leader, I see the direct effect of illiteracy in the workplace and our talent pool, and it is a roadblock to Michigan becoming a leading state economy. Read More

Letter: Behavioral health care: We can do better than this

October 2, 2015
Editor: Imagine that your 19-year-old son is having an acute mental health crisis that requires hospitalization. Read More

Letter: Liquor license story paints inaccurate picture

September 25, 2015
Editor: I was deeply disappointed — and frankly dismayed — by the story “Liquor license quest overcomes challenges” (Business Journal, Sept. 11, 2015, page 1). Read More

Letter: The cost of untreated mental health issues

September 4, 2015
Editor: As a business leader, you’re in a unique position to make a significant impact in our community. Read More