Community response to what's happening locally.


Letter: Will state lawmakers act before gun violence hits home?

July 1, 2016
Editor: Orlando, Newtown, San Bernardino — who among us really hasn’t considered that Grand Rapids could be the next on the list? Read More

Letter: Parks deserve a ‘yes’ vote

June 24, 2016
Editor: Ottawa County voters soon will receive their absentee ballots for the Aug. 2 election. Read More

Letter: Blood diversion is a blow to West Michigan efforts

April 8, 2016
Editor: Your Street Talk feature (“Slam-dunk design,” March 28) on the American Red Cross blood donation appeal is a major disservice to our community and the hospitals in Kent County. Read More

Letter: Health Pointe is ready to serve Grand Haven

April 8, 2016
Editor: The Grand Haven community has been the focal point of considerable discussion, deliberation and debate regarding the Health Pointe integrated health care center. Read More

Letter: Don’t overlook other NOCHS issues

April 1, 2016
Editor: Lody Zwarensteyn’s letter to the editor (“Township has fiduciary responsibility to NOCHS,” March 21) primarily addresses the financial aspect of Health Pointe’s impact on Grand Haven/NOCHS. Read More

Letter: Cost of independent health care editorial is misleading

March 25, 2016
I wanted to respond to your recent editorial in the Grand Rapids Business Journal (“Independent physician alliances reduce costs, improve outcomes,” March 7, 2016). Read More

Letter: Township has fiduciary responsibility to NOCHS

March 18, 2016
Editor: Health Pointe in Grand Haven will have significant impacts on the North Ottawa community. Read More

Letter: Industrial base deserves more credit

March 4, 2016
Editor: This is in regard to Lou Glazer’s (Feb. 22) Guest Column (“Why is Pittsburgh better off than Grand Rapids?”) Read More

Letter: Community needs 'doers'

January 8, 2016
Editor: I found your opinion piece from Dec. 21 on the engaging of more doers refreshing (“Assure a seat at the table for the community ‘doers,’ not just the donors”). Read More

Letter: Moral compass drives economics

January 8, 2016
I couldn’t disagree more with Dan Clark in the letter to the editor in the Dec. 28 issue (“Religion and economics don’t mix”). Read More