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High-quality child care is good for business

December 12, 2014
Business managers know this to be true: To prevent absenteeism and turnover among employees with children, it’s vital that workers know their kids are in safe, stable and high-quality child care when they’re away from home. Read More

Unregulated school choice is harming Michigan

December 5, 2014
As I have mentioned previously, Michigan has lousy K-12 student outcomes and is making little — if any — progress. Read More

Changes to property tax laws could affect cottage owners

November 28, 2014
Thinking about passing the family cottage down to the next generation? Read More

Compromise works in sausage-making and politics

November 21, 2014
As a high school senior, I took a short stint as a sausage-maker in a Cascade butcher shop. Read More

Low student achievement is recipe for disaster

November 14, 2014
I recently explored how the story line that Michigan is back is not a reality for many Michigan families (Oct. 6 Business Journal, “Report finds ALICE can’t afford to live here anymore”). Read More

It’s time to up your game with an interactive annual report

November 7, 2014
As our habits evolve and we consume information differently, the annual report is morphing from the traditional coffee-table style to an online, interactive piece that serves content up in a desirable, sharable, data- and design-driven way that consumers can read on the go. Read More

Electronics represent challenges for society

October 31, 2014
Electronic devices have improved our lives and, as a society, we have only just begun to realize these benefits. Read More

Lead poisoning prevention as economic development

October 24, 2014
You might be asking yourself, “Is lead still a problem?” The short answer is yes, but it’s important to note today’s concern is not the same as a decade ago. Read More

Investment in electronic transmission infrastructure powers growth

October 17, 2014
I noted with great interest that the leading mandate out of the 2014 West Michigan Policy Forum was a call to action on needed investment in the state’s infrastructure. Read More

Legal mediation: Resolving confidential matters by private agreement

October 10, 2014
Confidential and swift resolutions to private legal matters are paramount, especially when problems are solved, confidences are preserved, and long-term relationships prevail. Read More