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Law can work in support of immigration, not against it

July 1, 2016
People say there ought to be “a law” that changes the way that we address immigration. Or maybe just “a wall.” Read More

Some giving strategies can be a tax gift to yourself

June 24, 2016
I have had the privilege and honor of serving on nonprofit boards and working with clients that supported many tax-exempt and charitable organizations. Read More

Logically, a statement is only as good as its sources

June 17, 2016
Sometimes a stupid joke can start you thinking. Read More

Fair pay today goes far beyond supply and demand

June 10, 2016
“Pay me fairly!” Who can be against that? Read More

To protect assets upon death, TOD’s the name

June 3, 2016
Want to avoid probate court administering your assets when you die? Read More

Law offers business opportunity to service-disabled veterans

May 27, 2016
To be as successful in business as they were in the military, Michigan veterans should take advantage of federal, state and local laws that provide "procurement preferences" for service-disabled veterans. Read More

Employee records are more than a walk in the park

May 20, 2016
It seems like employee record keeping is all about common sense, so what can you write that people need to hear or would find interesting? Read More

Proposed documentation rules for related-party debt transactions

May 13, 2016
Having the appropriate documentation is often the key to being entitled to certain deductions or tax credits. Read More

Keeping the scavengers at bay: protecting your assets

May 6, 2016
My wife and I watched a “60 Minutes” segment on how life insurance companies sometimes keep the cash or face value of a life insurance policy if, when the insured dies, the proper paperwork isn't filed. Read More

Family meetings: identifying exactly who is in the room

April 29, 2016
Everyone has that odd uncle who shows up at family events and creates awkwardly memorable situations. Read More