Sales Moves

Jeffrey Gitomer comments on sales successes -- and disasters.


‘This place couldn’t survive without me’ — not!

October 9, 2015
When I was 19, my dad made me production manager of his 75-employee kitchen cabinet factory. Read More

The ‘why’ of sales will lead you to be the wise salesperson

October 2, 2015
I sat in a Jim Rohn seminar one day in 1995 and heard him say, “Formal education will earn you a living. Read More

Sales strategy? Sales approach? Yes! Sales system? No!

September 25, 2015
I’m against all systems of selling. So are all salespeople. Read More

Time is on your side — as long as you understand it

September 18, 2015
Time is money. You’ve heard that expression a thousand times or more. And as many times as you’ve heard it, you have universally ignored it. Read More

Dream your way to sales success — all day long

September 11, 2015
Ever dream? Ever had a scary dream? Think you were dying? Falling? Wake up in a sweat? Read More

The science of the sale, the art of doing lunch

September 4, 2015
Let’s do lunch! Well, let’s do lunch the right way. Read More

Uncovering your own secret of selling — why you buy!

August 28, 2015
Think about the last few things you purchased. They hold the secrets to increasing your sales. Read More

A new way to think about the way you present

August 21, 2015
Where is “value” in your sales equation? Where is “value” in your sales presentation? What role does “value” play in building customer loyalty? Read More

Show me the value, or I’ll show you the door

August 14, 2015
How do you make a sales presentation? Read More

Self-image determines a lot more than just sales

August 7, 2015
How do you picture yourself? That’s a pretty powerful question when you think about it. Read More