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Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses produces Black Market

November 19, 2014
The two-day Black Market is returning this weekend. Read More

Health plan launches 'digital magazine'

November 17, 2014
A health plan has developed a “digital magazine” to help people and employers make informed decisions on their health care. Read More

GOSite will soon greet visitors downtown

November 14, 2014
GOSite is nearing its final phase: On Nov. 20, plans for the “21st century Grand Rapids welcome center” will be made public. Read More

Grand Rapids Drive partner with college

November 14, 2014
The Grand Rapids Drive have formed another partnership ahead of their first tip-off. Read More

Ask 3 questions to know if your talent can execute

November 14, 2014
Many organizations eagerly engage in annual planning or longer-term strategic planning exercises, because it provides an opportunity to look forward and think about what's possible. Read More

Single-minded marketing firm expands into Chicago

November 10, 2014
A marketing firm specializing in a single service has moved into Chicago, taking it one step closer to its goal of becoming a regional company. Read More

Key performance indicators for online marketing success

November 6, 2014
Key performance indicator, or KPI, is often a phrase that gets preached in MBA classes or used in the latest business book targeting the c-suite executive. Read More

Producer creates viral video

October 30, 2014
An experimental viral marketer has done it again — drawing in millions of viewers. Read More

Fundraising association celebrates winners

October 30, 2014
A regional association of fundraisers will be handing out awards soon at its National Philanthropy Day celebration. Read More

False advertising class action lawsuits on the rise

Red Bull offers settlement; website crashes on first day.

October 24, 2014
Last month, Red Bull proposed a $13 million agreement to settle a false advertising class action lawsuit. Read More