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Moore's law — applied to construction

April 19, 2017
In 1965, semiconductor industry businessman Gordon Moore observed that the number of components per integrated circuit was doubling every year, expanding the tech industry’s capabilities at an exponential rate. This was later revised to a commonly held belief that transistor counts would double every two years — and they did, from 1971-2011, creating a cell phone more powerful than a vintage supercomputer. Read More

Studio Wise has sights on national market

Firm, celebrating its 10-year anniversary, has helped local bars and restaurants create custom designs to fit owners’ vision.

April 7, 2017
As it celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Studio Wise is eyeing the national market for more product rollouts. Read More

Experiential spaces firm hires director of creative services

April 5, 2017
A local fabricator of experiential spaces has named its new director of creative services. Read More

Inside Track: Putting his mark on Grand Rapids

Architect Isaac Norris strives to innovate and change perception of local neighborhoods.

March 31, 2017
Isaac Norris finds similarities between his love of music and his work as an architect. Read More

School district begins $55M bond project

March 31, 2017
A school district in the area has begun construction on a $55-million bond project to improve six facilities over the next four years. Read More

Furniture dealer rolls out Grand Rapids-made pod

March 31, 2017
A furniture dealer is rolling out a new locally made product to help businesses balance the need for collaborative and private spaces throughout the workday. Read More

Furniture maker files patent-infringement suit

March 30, 2017
A furniture maker in the area has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against a family owned business, which it says is selling chairs with striking similarities to two of its chairs. Read More

Private equity firm acquires hospitality company

March 23, 2017
A local private equity firm has acquired an out-of-state hospitality company. Read More

Tech company expands downtown

March 21, 2017
A Swedish technology company is expanding its presence downtown. Read More

Engineering firm appoints principals

March 20, 2017
A local engineering firm has two new principals. Read More