Commercial and residential development


Developers pivot toward hotels

With residential units flooding market, companies look to diversify portfolio.

April 21, 2017
Developers briefly are pressing pause on downtown apartments and turning to hotels. Read More

Car dealer completes luxury dealership

April 20, 2017
A car dealer has completed a new facility for two of its luxury brands on a major retail corridor in town. Read More

Hotelier planning three hotels

April 20, 2017
A Michigan hotelier is planning to add three new hotels in the area. Read More

Moore's law — applied to construction

April 19, 2017
In 1965, semiconductor industry businessman Gordon Moore observed that the number of components per integrated circuit was doubling every year, expanding the tech industry’s capabilities at an exponential rate. This was later revised to a commonly held belief that transistor counts would double every two years — and they did, from 1971-2011, creating a cell phone more powerful than a vintage supercomputer. Read More

Firm completes $9.6M apartment project

April 13, 2017
A $9.6-million apartment project in Grand Rapids is finished. Read More

Homebuilders partnering on development

April 12, 2017
Two West Michigan homebuilders are teaming up for a new development in the area. Read More

Different OSHA perspectives lead to different results

April 12, 2017
The news has been filled lately with stories about reducing regulatory oversight on businesses as a way to strengthen the private sector and encourage investment. While it’s true that regulatory agencies and government departments are known to add more bureaucracy than they remove, at a local level, these agencies can be more of an asset to your business and not just red tape. Read More

Supermarket chain taps contractor for projects

April 6, 2017
A local contractor is working on renovation and addition projects in West Michigan for an international chain of grocery stores. Read More

Child care company building location

April 6, 2017
A child care company in the area has broken ground on its fourth location. Read More

Trade contractor promotes team members

April 4, 2017
A trade contractor in the area has promoted six team members and hired one new employee. Read More