Commercial and residential development


Being award-worthy

September 28, 2016
It’s awards season for the West Michigan construction industry. Read More

Eye care company builds $6M HQ

September 26, 2016
An eye care company is building a new $6-million headquarters in the region. Read More

Firm completes shopping center

September 22, 2016
A local firm has completed construction of a fully leased shopping center in the area. Read More

Construction worker dies after being electrocuted

September 16, 2016
| By AP
A construction worker has been fatally electrocuted at a job site in the area. Read More

Association names Excellence in Construction winners

September 15, 2016
An association has handed out awards for the best work by contractors in the region over the past year. Read More

Firm plans condo project downtown

September 14, 2016
A firm is planning an 11-unit condo project in a neighborhood downtown. Read More

Auto supplier invests $30M in expansion

September 13, 2016
An auto supplier is investing $30 million in an expansion project in the region. Read More

Safety first: GRC director keeps sites injury free

Savings on insurance premiums eventually are passed down to clients.

September 9, 2016
John Spavale walked onto a construction site and asked a worker hanging off the roof if he had heard about the most recent construction death in Michigan. Read More

A roundabout solution to tight traffic congestion

Consulting firm engineers smaller roundabouts to improve limited roadways.

September 9, 2016
A lot goes into engineering traffic, an area in which a department at Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber specializes. Read More

Firm redevelops vacant plant

September 8, 2016
A local developer is redeveloping a vacant auto industry plant in town that it recently purchased. Read More