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Drones seem to be everywhere — and here’s why

Businesses are still determining uses for unmanned aerial vehicles.

LANSING — Seems like every day we’re hearing something new about drones, whether it’s military use of drones overseas, Amazon floating the idea of creating a drone delivery system, journalists using drones to report stories — or even just a neighbor down the street who bought a drone for fun. Read More

Creativity is name of the game

The brewing industry is evolving, and with that comes trademark disputes.

May 29, 2015
Craft brewers might need to get more creative. Read More

Battling bills seek to reduce tax burden on beer brewers

May 29, 2015
(Watch for this story Monday morning on WZZM TV 13) More and more often, campaigning politicians are making stops at small alcohol producers, recognizing their contribution to the nation’s economy. Read More

Labor contractors help farmers meet need for migrant workers

The contractor essentially hires his own migrant crew, which is used by several farms.

May 29, 2015
In just a few months Michigan farmers’ fields will be brimming with crops that need to be picked, and farmers will once again face the challenge of finding enough workers to harvest all those colorful fruits and vegetables. Read More

Felony charge against Zeeland contractor dismissed

May 29, 2015
A felony charge brought against the owner of Zeeland Township construction firm Black River Builders by the Michigan Attorney General’s office was dismissed by a Kent County judge in late May. Read More

Sheriff fires sergeant for releasing man

May 27, 2015
| By AP
Authorities say a jail sergeant has been fired after the early release of an Ottawa County corrections officer who was booked into a county jail. Read More

IT policies and procedures your business needs

May 25, 2015
Businesses may think that they only need to adopt information technology policies and procedures where they are required to do so by law. However, it is a far better practice to proactively adopt IT policies and procedures to protect your business, even where you are not required to do so. Read More

African-American health workers lose appeal

May 21, 2015
| By AP
An appeals court has upheld a decision that kills a discrimination lawsuit filed by African-American home health care workers. Read More

Law firm wins property tax case against township

May 20, 2015
Principal residence exemptions are attracting greater scrutiny according to three Grand Rapids-based attorneys who recently helped a client secure an exemption after her initial request was denied. Read More

Dairy farm reaches settlement in wrongful death suit

May 19, 2015
| By AP
A settlement has been reached in a federal wrongful death lawsuit by the family of one of two young people who died at a dairy farm in the region. Read More