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College facing lawsuit over constitution handouts

January 19, 2017
| By AP
A college in the region is being sued by a student and two others who say they were arrested while peacefully distributing copies of the U.S. Constitution. Read More

Do I really want to hire a lawyer?

January 19, 2017
Business owners often wonder if it is really necessary to hire a lawyer to analyze and counsel related to certain opportunities and risks facing their business. The hesitancy of business owners is understandable, since legal fees can quickly accumulate and short-run returns are not always immediately evident. Read More

Trade commission rules on washer 'dumping' case

January 18, 2017
An appliance maker in the region has been vindicated again in its claims that competitors were participating in unlawful “dumping” practices. Read More

Man dies after break-room argument

January 13, 2017
| By AP
A man has allegedly fatally stabbed a co-worker during an argument while they were taking a break at a business in the region. Read More

Law firm names partners

January 11, 2017
One of the region's largest law firms has named a group of new partners. Read More

Employment attorney: 2017 holds much uncertainty

Miller Canfield lawyer says Trump administration may reverse employee-centric legislation of the past eight years.

January 6, 2017
Labor laws. Pro-employee versus pro-business regulations. Immigration. LGBT rights. Marijuana legislation: These are some of the major legislative issues in play as the country transitions into a new presidential administration. Read More

Law firm elects shareholder

January 6, 2017
A local law firm has selected a new shareholder. Read More

West Michigan US attorney resigns

January 5, 2017
A local U.S. attorney has announced his departure from office at the close of the Obama administration. Read More

State prohibits local plastic bag regulations

January 4, 2017
| By AP
LANSING — Lt. Gov. Brian Calley has signed legislation to prohibit Michigan communities from regulating plastic shopping bags. Read More

Police chief charged with health care fraud

January 3, 2017
| By AP
The mayor of a city in the area is defending his public safety chief, who’s been charged with health care fraud. Read More