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State Supreme Court considers online privacy rule

LANSING — After some courts failed to comply with federal law, a proposed rule by the Michigan Supreme Court aims to stop courts from posting individuals’ personal information on the Internet. Read More

Supreme Court upholds Michigan ban on affirmative action

April 22, 2014
| By AP
A woman who successfully sued the University of Michigan over racial preferences said the U.S. Supreme Court's decision Tuesday to uphold a state ban on using race in university admissions is a "great victory" for voters and the state. Read More

State Supreme Court justice keynotes auction

April 22, 2014
A state Supreme Court justice will be in town Thursday night to keynote an annual charity auction for a Latino Catholic school. Read More

Conference covers cyber-security threats

April 17, 2014
Are you a target for cyber crime? Read More

Police use tear gas on university students

April 14, 2014
| By AP
Police used tear gas recently to quell a disturbance by a crowd of university students. Read More

Law firm relocates lakeshore office

April 9, 2014
A local law firm is closer to the action now in downtown Grand Haven. Read More

Jennifer Maxson coaches leaders

April 8, 2014
For the last eight years, Jennifer Maxson has led the strategic direction and organizational management of Varnum Consulting as practice group leader and relationship manager. Read More

Judge v. judge: argument reaches state Supreme Court

April 2, 2014
Order in the court? A dispute between two judges has revealed disorder at a West Michigan courthouse. Read More

Stryker transitions legal leadership

April 2, 2014
The legal department at medical equipment maker Stryker is under new leadership. Read More

Man faces jury trial for $46M investment fraud

April 1, 2014
| By AP
Jury selection is starting in the trial of a Grand Rapids-area man who is accused of a $46 million investment scheme that left hundreds of people broke. Read More