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State approves $19.3M for West Side project

April 25, 2017
A $55-million West Side project, including a planned Meijer store, has been approved by the state for $19.3 million in funding. Read More

Founders Brewing shares plan for second taproom

April 25, 2017
Founders Brewing Co. announced this morning it is planning to open a second taproom. Read More

24-story hotel envisioned for DeVos Place

April 24, 2017
A $97-million, 24-story hotel could be the solution for an underutilized area of DeVos Place downtown. Read More

Developers pivot toward hotels

With residential units flooding market, companies look to diversify portfolio.

April 21, 2017
Developers briefly are pressing pause on downtown apartments and turning to hotels. Read More

Steakhouse settling into space

April 21, 2017
There’s a new steakhouse in the region. Read More

Car dealer completes luxury dealership

April 20, 2017
A car dealer has completed a new facility for two of its luxury brands on a major retail corridor in town. Read More

Hotelier planning three hotels

April 20, 2017
A Michigan hotelier is planning to add three new hotels in the area. Read More

Amway opens $2.5M business center on West Coast

April 20, 2017
Amway has opened a new $2.5-million business center on the West Coast to serve its independent business owners. Read More

Developer buys parking ramp for $3M

April 19, 2017
A parking ramp in the region has been sold to a developer. Read More

Grand Rapids housing market is third 'healthiest' among 'big cities'

April 18, 2017
Grand Rapids has the third-“healthiest” housing market when compared to the nation’s “big cities.” Read More