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State’s Blight Elimination fund targets Club Tequila

Kent County Land Bank has $50K grant to demolish the old South Division joint.

July 3, 2015
Happy hour ended at Club Tequila at 719/725 S. Division Ave. in Grand Rapids back in 2010, which up to then had been the site of 120 crime reports filed with police since 2008. Read More

Build-a-thon challenges to re-imagine Muskegon Heights

Muskegon Might is designed to inject investment and hope into the downtown area.

July 3, 2015
A new two-day event challenges teams of professionals to redesign architectural structures in downtown Muskegon Heights to bring health and economic vitality back to the city. Read More

$14M to meet city’s floodwall conditions

Improvements would have positive impact on insurance requirements.

July 3, 2015
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, released its draft report, Levee Analysis and Mapping Plan for the Grand River in the City of Grand Rapids, last week, which provides the city with information on necessary improvements to meet the organization’s floodwall requirements. Read More

City plans $11M redevelopment of arena

July 3, 2015
After an anonymous donation of roughly $2 million, a city in the region has announced its plan to redevelop an iconic structure in its downtown. Read More

Plastics maker invests $14M in expansion

July 2, 2015
A maker of plastic parts for multiple industries is planning to expand its plant in the area and create 54 jobs. Read More

Business park plans for growth

July 2, 2015
A business park in the region is focusing on developing roughly 100 acres of land. Read More

Business sees $1M in damage after fire

July 2, 2015
| By AP
Officials said a fire at a Grand Rapids business that sent a large plume of smoke wafting over parts of the city caused an estimated $1 million in damage. Read More

Kent County requests bids for downtown building

July 1, 2015
Kent County has put a downtown building up for sale after identifying it is not being used to its fullest potential. Read More

Law firm discusses 'top 10' win against IRS

July 1, 2015
The local trial team that represented a bottling company in an important tax case against the IRS recently talked about its victory, which was called “one of the top 10 tax cases in 2014” by Forbes magazine. Read More

Real estate firm buys adult club downtown

July 1, 2015
A real estate firm has bought an adult club downtown and is planning to redevelop the site as part of a “neighborhood renaissance.” Read More