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Indiana bank opening branch downtown

January 17, 2017
An Indiana bank is opening its first Grand Rapids branch. Read More

Car dealer acquires dealership

January 17, 2017
A Detroit area car dealer is entering Grand Rapids. Read More

GRBJ Podcast: Jon O'Connor and Kyle Van Strien of Long Road Distillers

January 17, 2017
Jon O'Connor and Kyle Van Strien — the co-owners of Long Road Distillers — are the featured guests in episode 17 of the GRBJ Podcast. Read More

Restaurant chain closes downtown location

January 16, 2017
A restaurant chain has closed its doors downtown after three years in operation. Read More

Car dealer makes acquisition

January 16, 2017
A West Michigan car dealer is expanding its reach. Read More

Michigan wineries diversify to stay fresh

While their central focus remains on wines, region’s vintners see importance of appealing to a wider crowd.

January 13, 2017
Big and small winemakers in the region have something in common: The need to stay relevant as Michigan’s beverage industry grows. Read More

Retail opportunity arises in West Michigan

With closing of Sears in Woodland Mall, experts predict national realtors will be eager to fill space.

January 13, 2017
(As seen on WZZM TV 13) Area realtors are looking at the closure of the Woodland Mall Sears as an opportunity for the region. Read More

'Active lifestyle' restaurant franchise entering market

January 12, 2017
An "active lifestyle" restaurant franchise out of the country’s Northeast has signed an agreement with its first Michigan franchisee to bring several restaurants to the state over the next few years. Read More

Chicken fast-food chain re-submits plan for location

January 12, 2017
A denied location for a chicken fast-food chain is back at the drawing board. Read More

Credit union acquiring $230M bank

January 11, 2017
A credit union with several branches in the region is planning to expand in the Midwest, thanks to a pending acquisition. Read More