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Unpacking SEO: An insider's look at search engine optimization

March 4, 2015
Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is emerging as one of the most-important tools in a modern marketer’s arsenal. Yet, it remains largely opaque to those outside of the industry. Read More

College students engineer mobility device for 16-month-old girl

March 3, 2015
College students have applied their engineering and physical therapy skills to create a device that gives a 16-month-old girl a chance at independent mobility. Read More

IT firm names CEO as co-founder retires

March 2, 2015
For a growing IT firm, the end of an era has created a new one. Read More

IT firm names COO

February 26, 2015
The new chief operating officer at an IT firm has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Read More

Health plan launches cost-calculator tool

February 25, 2015
A health plan has launched a web-based tool for its members to calculate their anticipated costs to find the most-affordable services. Read More

Startup develops technology to automate city parking

February 23, 2015
A startup is developing a way urban drivers can automate the way they pay for parking spaces. Read More

Cable TV in Michigan: competition up, subscribers down

Pending Comcast/Time Warner deal may boost Charter Communications in the state.

February 20, 2015
(As seen on WZZM TV 13) The Michigan Public Service Commission has issued its eighth annual report on the status of cable television competition in Michigan. Read More

Ecommerce startup eyes cat owners

February 20, 2015
A startup has built an ecommerce site dedicated to giving cats the royal treatment. Read More

Startup develops app for concert management

February 20, 2015
A startup is helping musicians and their teams manage concert tours on the road. Read More

Frankenstein's monster and IT upgrades

February 20, 2015
Victor Frankenstein was not a standards guy. Read More