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Reasons why your company needs video marketing

November 26, 2015
There’s something fascinating about video. Read More

Politician opposes incentives for data center campus

November 25, 2015
Opposition against the planned Switch SuperNAP data center campus at the Steelcase pyramid has surfaced. Read More

To analog or to IP? That is the video surveillance question

November 25, 2015
The video surveillance question everyone asks: Why should I consider high-definition Internet Protocol cameras over analog closed circuit TV? Read More

Viastore names director

November 23, 2015
A man with more than 10 years of experience in supply chain execution and SAP deployments is the new director at viastore systems. Read More

The economic ripple effect of SuperNAP

Call it an industrial park for the new economy

November 20, 2015
Should Michigan legislators pass the necessary bills, the Switch SuperNAP data center hoping to call the former Steelcase pyramid home would have a much greater economic impact than its $5 billion worth of equipment. Read More

Logistics supplier acquires Texas software maker

November 19, 2015
A logistics supplier is acquiring a Texas-based maker of warehouse execution software. Read More

Company plans $5B data center campus at Steelcase Pyramid

November 16, 2015
The Grand Rapids market will be home to the “largest data center campus in the eastern U.S.” and "thousands" of new jobs — pending the passage of three bills in the Michigan Legislature. Read More

Partnership keeps electronics out of landfill

November 13, 2015
A partnership between Spectrum Health and an electronics recycling firm is helping to keep 150,000 pounds of electronics out of landfills. Read More

College launches digital platform for student-athletes

November 12, 2015
A college is implementing a digital platform designed to improve student-athlete success both on and off the field. Read More

Web development firm moves into downtown

November 10, 2015
A recently purchased web development firm has moved from a suburb to downtown to accommodate growth. Read More