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Tech company acquires firm

April 25, 2017
A local technology company has acquired an out-of-state firm. Read More

Law firms examine pros and cons of e-discovery

Attorneys say most practices use Technology Assisted Review software to sort and search records during pretrial investigations, audits.

April 21, 2017
Varnum attorney Matt Anderson said the 1998 movie “A Civil Action,” starring John Travolta, illustrates how tedious the “slog” of discovery once was for attorneys, sorting through rooms full of paper to gather the facts of a case. Read More

The Rapid planning e-fare system

April 21, 2017
The Rapid has announced plans to implement a new e-fare system. Read More

Is my smartphone making me dumb?

April 21, 2017
I read an article recently about building cultural intelligence and the role that your smartphone may play in hindering your ability to do so. Evidently, we need time to be bored. Read More

Moore's law — applied to construction

April 19, 2017
In 1965, semiconductor industry businessman Gordon Moore observed that the number of components per integrated circuit was doubling every year, expanding the tech industry’s capabilities at an exponential rate. This was later revised to a commonly held belief that transistor counts would double every two years — and they did, from 1971-2011, creating a cell phone more powerful than a vintage supercomputer. Read More

Entrepreneur invests in tech firm

April 17, 2017
A long-time software and IT firm in the area is entering a transitional leadership period. Read More

Towel Tracker wraps itself in technology

Grand Rapids-made technology helps health clubs, hotels and resorts in 17 states and Puerto Rico keep track of towel inventory.

April 14, 2017
When Steven Molewyk started Towel Tracker in 2009, his goal was to help health clubs cut down on towel theft. Read More

Advertising company moving to West Side

April 11, 2017
A local digital advertising company housed downtown is heading to the West Side. Read More

Telecom company rolls out business surveillance system

April 7, 2017
A telecom company is rolling out a video-monitoring system for businesses in West Michigan. Read More

Q&A: Kimberly Wolting

April 4, 2017
Kimberly Wolting is a software consultant and designer at Atomic Object and passionate about projects and organizations that facilitate social change through design. Read More