Commentary on the news that's shaping West Michigan.


Lapses in city and private sector leadership critical for Grand Rapids

September 22, 2017
One could say Grand Rapids is facing an uncertain future. Read More

Grand Action throws gauntlet to private sector thriving on its success

September 15, 2017
Grand Action’s biggest distinction is that it represented the private sector, not public governments. Read More

Area’s big job growth talent needs must be met with successes in diversity hiring

September 8, 2017
The Business Journal finds interesting contrasts — and possible solutions — in two reports, one focused on Talent 2025’s study of employment and skill needs, and the other a review of Start Garden’s outreach to minority communities. Read More

Ottawa County has upper hand on solving affordable housing issue

September 1, 2017
Affordable housing is a major issue across the country; it is no surprise that initiatives to address associated problems have been a part of community conversations from coast to coast, with an interesting range of policies and politics to alleviate the growing number of people affected. Read More

Entrepreneurial investments bolster Grand Rapids’ ‘fastest growing economy’

August 25, 2017
Despite the political quibbles in Lansing about Michigan Venture Capital Association, seeded by tax vouchers, the nonprofit group’s 2017 West Michigan Entrepreneurial study offers reason for staying power — and a very impressive “show” by Grand Rapids area entrepreneurs. Read More

Ehlers’ countless efforts felt in GR and beyond

August 18, 2017
Why does the U.S. Congress have internet connections? Read More

Michigan's longstanding talent issue must be solved

August 11, 2017
EAgile has ahold of the Radio Frequency Identification technology business, but whether it can continue its success from Michigan underscores the now most profound issue most affecting Michigan businesses, especially as Michigan is compared to other states and the availability of a creative workforce with STEM skills. Read More

Educational future demands ‘strategic approach’

August 4, 2017
Grand Rapids Business Journal calls attention to comments from Vertical Media Solutions founder Joel Marotti in a report about the growth of his résumé/job service. Read More

Grand Rapids patent approvals support creative economy perceptions

July 28, 2017
Grand Rapids makes a wide assortment of national “top” lists, most especially for entrepreneurial effort and a creative or design-centric community. Read More

Circuit West project will put Grand Rapids’ sustainability strategy on the national map

July 21, 2017
It’s a marketing strategy unseen outside Boston and Austin and one also likely to give Grand Rapids some buzz, especially in new economy circles. Read More