Commentary on the news that's shaping West Michigan.


Secchia cites, affirms young business community participants

July 25, 2014
On the eve of the Aug. 5 primary elections, Grand Rapids Business Journal is earnestly urging participation in voter turnout for the many candidates and issues to be determined by an involved electorate next week, not the least of which is the Michigan property tax proposal. Read More

Muskegon needs to sustain its rebound

July 18, 2014
Signs of recovery from the Great Recession are finally beginning to show in Muskegon — the West Michigan area probably most severely compromised. Read More

Who will stand as the next philanthropic pillars?

July 11, 2014
Death is inevitable. Last week’s passing of Peter Wege, at age 94, conclusively proved that fact once again. Read More

Additional rail service should not bypass GR

July 4, 2014
Even while the legislature refuses to acknowledge (or ignores) the urgent necessity to invest in road and bridge improvements, Gov. Rick Snyder and state taxpayers are investing in a sharply increased level of interest and funding in public transportation — especially rail. Read More

The power of two generations is felt and measured with significant impact

June 27, 2014
During the past few weeks, the Business Journal’s reporting efforts have covered the vast spectrum of the residential building boom and the entrepreneurial efforts driven by two specific groups: baby boomers and millennials. Read More

With all eyes on Division Avenue Business Association, assist is needed for CID

June 20, 2014
Grand Rapids Business Journal this week provides an extensive focus on small businesses and the entrepreneurial resources assisting continued growth and new business opportunities. Read More

Problem solving for urban living demand best left to local expertise

June 13, 2014
The Business Journal focus on more than a dozen new residential projects in the downtown highlights the predicted increased demand for downtown housing. Read More

Barra has a new mantra for GM: The word ‘responsibility’ is given action

June 6, 2014
The General Motors CEO in years past may have held a press conference to apologize for safety issues and order recalls, and perhaps pledge vague improvements and oversight, but what the world saw late last week was the new sheriff who directly addressed the Detroit corps and painfully specified several in a long list of shameful findings by U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas. Mary Barra looked the heart of GM and its board of directors in eye and admitted guilt, specified changes and immediacy. Read More

Silver Line’s potential economic impact is unprecedented

May 30, 2014
The long-awaited, challenging construction of the bus rapid transit line is reaching completion this month and deserves community-wide plaudits even before its official first runs in August. Read More

Growth seeds planted by a city’s real owners

May 23, 2014
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, flew into Detroit last week to announce the investment bank’s decision to provide $100 million in loans — including some endowment funds — to business and property owners in the city that is $18 billion in debt. Recipients of those loans may or may not reside in Detroit. Read More