Commentary on the news that's shaping West Michigan.


City’s ‘sustainable jobs’ goal is a recipe for failure

August 19, 2016
The Business Journal has in the past commended city of Grand Rapids endeavors toward environmental sustainability, from the biodiesel fuel project in 2002 to the Butterworth Solar Project anticipated to be running by the end of this year. Read More

Focus on Division/Heartside is task for all of us

August 12, 2016
The Grand Rapids Business Journal has reported in depth for the past month in a series of stories on the Division Avenue/Heartside business and arts corridor development alongside the long-established “home” to the city’s transient and homeless population, a group of individuals often impaired by drug, alcohol and mental health issues. Read More

Setting course to Windward takes all hands on deck

August 5, 2016
Another big step in Muskegon development has been announced, this time with some promise of community unity and muscle — and that could start the economic domino effect that has long escaped this potential jewel of the West Michigan lakeshore. Read More

In Aug. 2 election, all politics is local

July 29, 2016
The national political convention love fests (though that’s a strong adjective for the GOP) now give way to slugfests and what promises to be exhausting pre-election months. Read More

No more stalling: Bring out the food trucks; city approval of ordinance is long past due

July 22, 2016
Grand Rapids city commissioners will at long last take one more formal step toward embracing food trucks as an important part of the downtown and neighborhood business landscape with a public hearing July 26. Read More

City success will hinge on strategies addressing homelessness, gentrification

July 15, 2016
The Grand Rapids Business Journal begins a series of in-depth reports on the South Division Avenue corridor and its comparatively quick development in the time since Van Andel Arena spurred one of the largest economic impacts in city history. Read More

With Michigan's students falling behind, it's the business of business to respond

July 8, 2016
“It’s time for Michigan business leaders to help provide leadership in advancing a thoughtful, research-based strategy to ensure our system is teaching all children at the high levels of achievement that they so deserve. It is crucial to their futures — and to Michigan’s economic competitiveness and future.” Read More

Outsiders bring perspective to area business challenges

July 1, 2016
One aspect of doing business in Grand Rapids and West Michigan that has been repeatedly cited as “a problem” is access to capital and investor money. Read More

Discussion of diversity in business is only the first step

June 24, 2016
If “a little black child from Muskegon Heights or Grand Rapids can look at me and see an opportunity to do something they didn’t know was possible, that is something for which I am eternally grateful,” said 22-year-old George Walker in an interview with the Business Journal published this week. Read More

Eschewing discrimination is good business

June 17, 2016
Funerals for the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre are only beginning, and while the national mourning might be expected to fade as it did for victims in Aurora, Sandy Hook and San Bernardino, the several issues brought to bear in this chapter of American violence and discrimination are more likely to offer a historic turning point. Read More