Commentary on the news that's shaping West Michigan.


Sustained GRPS improvements, achievements deserve community support

October 9, 2015
Grand Rapids Public Schools now achieves rankings an entire generation thought far beyond the capability of a public school district in an urban area. Read More

To continue growth, the foundation of success must be understood

October 2, 2015
Newcomers and even long-time Grand Rapids residents often react to the city’s growth and new building plans as though these budding community icons simply popped out of the ground — while they were looking or paying attention. Read More

Negotiations with Chinese leaders have direct impact on West Michigan, state

September 25, 2015
While the start of ArtPrize held center stage last week, the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping for a meeting of tech executives in Seattle and political meetings in Washington, D.C, did not escape the attention of West Michigan business owners. Read More

Economic development and ‘white-collar’ jobs emphasized in Daimler deal

September 18, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder’s announcement from Frankfurt of Daimler’s decision to relocate its North American headquarters to Farmington Hills is significant for a multitude of reasons, including the role of The Right Place Inc. over more than two decades to secure such opportunities. Read More

City proposal to start its own business is a waste of taxpayer dollars

September 11, 2015
The Grand Rapids Parking Commission is poised to recommend city commissioners launch into a business partnership to provide car sharing. Read More

Manufacturing is cool (and so is beer)

September 4, 2015
Five years ago, Grand Rapids Business Journal rarely mentioned craft beer in its pages, and then usually only as an afterthought. Now there is a reporter assigned to cover the beat, Pat Evans, who frequently appears on television for segments with partner station WZZM TV13 and has written a book on beer in Grand Rapids (“Grand Rapids Beer: An Intoxicating History of River City Brewing”). Read More

Regard employment rates with caution

August 28, 2015
Month-end employment rates are likely to give politicians an excuse to imagine there is some credit due them rather than the Michigan employers creating jobs. Read More

Kent County administrator’s request for tax increase should be scrubbed

August 21, 2015
Kent County Administrator Daryl Delabbio has asked the board of commissioners to consider a tax hike to the full amount approved by voters, noting the Headlee tax limitation amendment essentially caps the county’s revenue collections — exactly as it was intended. Read More

Health care’s effort to train workers should be emulated

August 14, 2015
Grand Rapids-area health care providers have embarked on a collaborative partnership to address the reality of too few health care workers at a crucial time. Read More

Mental health illness deserves same support as cancer

August 7, 2015
The absence of mental health parity and lack of public concern for those with a mental illness is evident from the drama played or playing out in every corner of the country — on military bases, on street corners, and especially in movie theaters used as stages of demonstration. Read More