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Ottawa’s water aquifers provide emphasis for concern, state policies

April 17, 2015
Recognition of Earth Day around the country will include thousands of activities and community demonstrations specifying various aspects of sustainability and pride of association. Read More

Lift the gates off policies and practices creating hurdles to employment

April 10, 2015
Business Leaders for Michigan senior executives focused on an “emergency” in educational skill sets during a CEO panel discussion in Grand Rapids, and after all the presentations and discussions, the result seemed to be a foregone conclusion: A disconnect between educators and business owners and a mismatch of needed skill sets is to blame for thousands of unfilled job positions. Read More

Statewide collaborative plan makes sense for bioscience industry

April 3, 2015
At long last the Michigan bioscience industry trade association, MichBio, is focused on development of a collaborative statewide strategic plan, and the Ann Arbor-based group is doing so in partnership with Business Leaders for Michigan and the University Research Corridor. Read More

Both public and private river development use served by city action

March 27, 2015
Grand Rapids city commissioners approved what amounts to a giant step toward Grand River development for recreational use, even as some business owners in the development community and its supporting occupations regard the action as a public entity intrusion for prime property enhancements, providing an equally enhanced tax base. Read More

Citywide survey offers ‘top’ list for businesses as well as focus point

March 20, 2015
The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy Community Research Institute has completed the closest thing to a one-on-one survey of city residents, providing a more representative sampling of viewpoints — and needs. Read More

State film incentives must be maintained

March 13, 2015
ArtPrize leaders last week announced the inclusion this year of what has been named the third best film festival in the country as part of the 10-day, wildly successful art extravaganza. Read More

Testimony shows chilling impact on startups, entrepreneurs

March 6, 2015
Congress has been raising “flags up the pole” in regard to changes in tax code for businesses, and although it seems unlikely this Congress will act on any issue, Grand Rapids Business Journal lends its support to the efforts of a local small business owner “invited” to testify to the House of Representatives Small Business Subcommittee on a sustained lack of job creation, cyber security regulations and taxation. Read More

Michigan: a state of impoverishment

February 27, 2015
Grand Rapids Business Journal reports in depth this week on Gallup-Healthways’ latest State of American Well-Being, a study that ranks Michigan in the bottom 10 among all states. Read More

The state shell game with tax funds is nuts

February 20, 2015
A pall was cast on the beginning of Gov. Rick Snyder’s second term with the announcement from State Budget Director John Roberts revealing the state was $289 million short of projections in the current budget and $527 million below expectations for next year. Read More

Public trust is a currency earned, mistrust is a reversal of value

February 13, 2015
Every profession has a formal set of ethics, and every business owner desires to be known for ethical practices. Read More