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Educational achievement key in talent shortage problem

February 17, 2017
Grand Rapids employers universally are impacted by the talent shortage and identify the issue as the top concern in moving their businesses forward or expanding. Read More

City can’t fix the parking problem it created

February 10, 2017
Grand Rapids Business Journal has been reporting on and opining about the eventuality of an employer parking crisis downtown since 2012. Read More

Participants in a world of passengers: sometimes the two are confused

February 3, 2017
It would seem an appropriate time to opine on the effectiveness of all armchair quarterbacks. Read More

Lack of skilled workers will hamstring economy

January 27, 2017
Construction season in Grand Rapids must move “just in time” in less than 30 days, but there are not enough skilled construction workers in the field with iPads and instruction. Read More

Bed check: Sharpen the instruments of health care cost containment

January 20, 2017
In the not-so-distant past, consumers blissfully were unaware of the continuing escalation of the price of health care, but the Grand Rapids business community was moved to action by more than a decade of escalating costs for insured employees. Read More

Market-rate housing saturation compels a new plan

January 13, 2017
One year ago, public discussion in Grand Rapids seemed to have enough momentum to portend promise of affordable housing problem solving, but as the new year begins, developers, lenders and brokers told the Business Journal they’re treading lightly into future — with market rate developments. Read More

Recruitment efforts are aided by training, immigration initiatives

January 6, 2017
The Business Journal report on another innovative training program once again underscores the tremendous issues of recruitment for industries with increasing numbers of job openings and far too few qualified applicants. Read More

Businesses pave the path to prosperity in 2017

December 30, 2016
As business leaders take up the reins of moving business plans and the economy forward in a new year, they are ever watchful of those trends and issues that could have an impact. Read More

‘Eds and meds’ is old think, creative talent is key

December 23, 2016
Grand Rapids Business Journal is reporting on how the local manufacturing sector is growing, and as Cedric Duclos, president and CEO of Hutchinson North America on Fuller Avenue notes in one story, his industry is transforming (evolved) with “smart plant” concepts in what has become a transformational point in terms of manufacturing technology — or rather technologies. Read More

KC Road Commission paves the path for the Santas of the economy

December 16, 2016
This final week of full commerce prior to year-end holiday revelry and riotous retail, we can only pretend Santa delivers the goods and services that fill cargo planes and diesel trucks to make just-in-time deliveries. Read More