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Letter: GVSU charter schools deliver results

September 12, 2014
This fall nearly 32,000 students across Michigan are beginning their school year in a Grand Valley State University chartered school, and another 7,700 students are on waiting lists trying to enroll in a Grand Valley chartered school. Read More

Another young man of color is dead

August 15, 2014
The events in Ferguson, Mo., have been on my mind and heart and I am deeply saddened. Read More

Everyone needs to do their share when it comes to philanthropy

July 18, 2014
In response to the question you posed at the end of your inspiring editorial in the July 14 Grand Rapids Business Journal honoring Peter Wege (“Who will stand as the next philanthropic pillars?”), may I suggest that each and every citizen who lives here must assume responsibility to stand together with others in our community to continue what leaders like Peter, Fred Meijer, Peter Cook, Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos and many others — women and minorities included — have initiated to make this such a great place to live, work and raise our families. Read More

Lakeshore deserves more ‘Influential’ representation

March 14, 2014
This is a time when West Michigan needs to speak up. Read More

Trucking industry can do better job

March 14, 2014
Your recent article “Trucking industry struggles with driver shortage” (Feb. 10) hit on many of the challenges we see the industry struggling with. New training programs and recruiting methods like the ones discussed are vital — but another key wicked problem at play here is driver retention. Read More

Grand Rapids should be more welcoming

March 14, 2014
I enjoy the Comment & Opinion section as it gives me a perspective and insight into what other people think and experience. Read More

State needs renewable energy

December 27, 2013
Editor: Thank you for this opportunity to comment on Michigan's energy future. Read More

Women need opportunities

December 20, 2013
Editor: The statistics in your recent editorial, “Ignoring women leaders fouls the region’s economy” (Dec. 16), are unfortunately the grim reality of women leadership across the country. Read More

Judgments confirm debt, not payment

August 9, 2013
A judgment in favor of a plaintiff who is owed a debt is not a promise that the debtor will pay. This aspect of litigation is often misunderstood, and the possibility of never collecting on the debt should be a big part of an individual’s consideration of whether or not to file suit. Read More

USGBC focus shift refuted

June 28, 2013
The June 17, 2013, Grand Rapids Business Journal article “Has USGBC shifted its focus?” presents one opinion of the changes being implemented by the U.S. Green Building Council for being an Accredited Professional and the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system. Read More