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Talent attraction should be top priority

April 22, 2016
In my last post we looked at data on how young professionals have far different preferences in housing than previous generations of recent college graduates. Read More

Hiring a corporate trustee provides many benefits

April 15, 2016
When it comes to investing your money, how do you know whom to trust? Read More

‘Chicks in charge’ are major contributors to Grand Rapids

April 1, 2016
When my business partner and I put our toes in the water in Grand Rapids nearly five years ago, we discovered an amazing attribute that many seem to take for granted: Women leaders permeate the landscape. Read More

Scientific collaborations drive discovery: revolutionizing the paradigm

April 1, 2016
Two decades ago, mapping the human genome was a dream — rooted in the possibility of progress and the hope of discovery. The effort took years, but the persistence of an international network of scientists resulted in one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history. Read More

Healthy Michigan is good for Kent County

March 25, 2016
As a family medicine doctor in Belmont, it’s part of my practice to see families on a routine basis for yearly physicals. Read More

Emphasize downtown residential development

March 11, 2016
A core finding of Michigan Future's research has been that what made us prosperous in the past won't in the future. Read More

How recent Supreme Court rulings may affect your business

March 4, 2016
Litigation has a way of disrupting a company like few other events. Read More

Michigan should support the Trans-Pacific Partnership

February 26, 2016
As a kid from Ada, you can imagine the satisfaction I get finding myself introducing clients to project managers and other interested parties in embassies from around the globe — Africa, Asia, Europe, South and Central America. Read More

Why is Pittsburgh better off than Grand Rapids?

February 19, 2016
In Michigan Future’s latest report, “Michigan’s Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy,” we compare Metro Grand Rapids (Barry, Kent, Montcalm and Ottawa counties) to Metro Boston and Metro Pittsburgh. Read More

Good leaders transform workplace atmosphere

February 12, 2016
Transactional leadership is about projects, budgets, production and checking tasks off the list. It is about efficiency and how quickly we can accomplish our tasks. Read More