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It takes a village

February 17, 2017
Early in 2016, I had that sinking feeling you get as an entrepreneur when you realize you completely underestimated your growing organization’s needs. Read More

Repeal of harmful price controls necessary

February 10, 2017
When comparing life today to 1934, it’s not likely you’ll find many similarities. Read More

Tax cuts are not the answer for Michigan’s prosperity

February 3, 2017
For the past five years, Kansas has tried and failed to grow its economy through big tax cuts. Read More

Women in leadership: Progress has slowed, so rev up to close the gap

February 3, 2017
Women made considerable progress in the U.S. during the last decades of the 20th century, but women’s advancement in the leadership pipeline has stalled. Read More

Appealing property tax assessments requires attention to the details

January 27, 2017
January in Michigan gives us a few things to look forward to: Newsmakers of the Year, more snow, holiday bills — and property tax assessments. Read More

The ethical landmines of the Constitution’s emoluments

January 27, 2017
Whatever one may think about America’s prospects under the Trump administration, it seems clear already that his time in office will provide Americans with ample opportunities to learn history, ethics and civics lessons we might have otherwise ignored (sorta like “Hamilton,” but without the music). Read More

Partnership bringing needed workers to construction industry

January 20, 2017
A new partnership between Michigan Community Action (MCA) and the Skilled to Build Foundation of Michigan is producing a classic win/win scenario: It is providing low-skilled workers a path out of poverty and offering Kent County homebuilders at least partial relief from a lingering labor shortage. Read More

Today’s schooling techniques ‘frozen in time’

January 13, 2017
I recently had a chance to visit the Grand Rapids Public Museum School. Read More

The undeniable power of collaboration in health and education

January 6, 2017
The health sciences in Grand Rapids are a driving force in the local economy and a powerful catalyst for regional growth. Read More

External factors boost acquisition valuations to high level

December 30, 2016
The value an owner gets when selling a business can depend on a lot of factors beyond his or her control. Read More