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It ain’t easy being green: Volkswagen is not alone

November 13, 2015
Here’s what I would ideally like my car to do: drive me in comfort, style and power wherever I wish to go, use very little fossil fuel, emit almost no climate-changing carbon dioxide and, finally, spew none of the toxic nitrogen dioxide gases that are known to shorten the lifespan of humans. Read More

Decline in student testing will be Michigan’s downfall

November 6, 2015
There is lots of new data on student achievement by Michigan K-12 students, and it all comes to a singled conclusion: We are a national laggard. And that includes all kids — not just poor kids, minority kids and urban kids. Read More

How to mess up your startup business in nine easy steps

October 30, 2015
There is lots of good advice out there about how to succeed. But what if you'd rather fail? Read More

Unite people behind bold ideas

October 30, 2015
In July, I spent a half-day with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, first in Grand Rapids and then on a farm in Ottawa County. Read More

To sell or not to sell? Considerations for directors

October 23, 2015
Michigan’s slow but steady economic recovery from the Great Recession has caused an increase in merger and acquisition activity. Read More

The promise of biotech in West Michigan

October 16, 2015
John Winthrop said we must be “as a city upon a hill — the eyes of all people are upon us.” Read More

Michigan hasn’t adapted to knowledge-based economy

October 9, 2015
Data are now available for 2014 for per capita income and education attainment by state. Read More

Employment earnings are engine of sustainable growth

September 18, 2015
We continue working on our next report: an assessment of the national, Michigan, Metro Detroit and Metro Grand Rapids economies in the fifth year of a national expansion. Read More

New electric rates should be good for business

September 11, 2015
My company, Consumers Energy, has deep roots in Michigan. Read More

What will be written about U.S. in summer of ’55?

September 4, 2015
Please fire the speechwriter whose candidate states, “This is the most critical election of a lifetime.” Read More