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Licensing property gives owners flexibility — and income

October 21, 2016
Got a parking lot you don’t use after employees leave at 5 p.m.? Read More

Three reasons a true leader should cultivate talent in others

October 14, 2016
With the election season in full swing and the country witnessing a few debates, many Americans are questioning exactly what makes a good leader. Read More

Better metrics needed to measure student success

October 7, 2016
The results from Michigan’s new, more rigorous standardized test were released recently. Read More

Trained dental workforce will solve access to care problem

September 30, 2016
Recently, legislation was introduced advocating for dental therapists in Michigan, despite a lack of proof dental therapists will make a meaningful impact in addressing the barriers to dental care. A better idea is to build Michigan’s successful strategies using our current dental workforce. Read More

Beware lurking terms and conditions in your contracts

September 23, 2016
We all know various beasties lurk about in October, the month of Halloween, but beastly provisions also can lurk in contracts, ready to cause misery to the unwary. Read More

Five steps to take before a recall

September 16, 2016
If it seems like you are hearing about more recalls these days, it’s because you are. Read More

M-STEP results not a reason to switch

September 9, 2016
Talent is a top priority for the business community, and during the past few years, Michigan has made great strides in establishing the components of a strong educational system that will allow our students to succeed. Read More

The good, bad and ugly of income inequality

September 2, 2016
Metro Grand Rapids’ economy was in the news twice recently. Read More

Open forums on policing have economic benefits

August 26, 2016
We don’t want to do Detroit again, one participant said, when 50 years later, the city still hasn’t fully recovered. Read More

Why business should say yes to a carbon tax

August 19, 2016
From global economic powers like the United States, Japan and Russia to developing economies like Rwanda, Bangladesh and Iran, more than 190 countries convened as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in late 2015. Read More