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Two tax areas to watch if considering transfer of business

February 17, 2017
Thinking about transferring your family business interests or other assets this year? Read More

Ten easy steps to avoid big headaches later

February 10, 2017
On both a business and individual level, there are 10 easy steps you can take to avoid big trouble later. Read More

Communication an essential, often overlooked, workplace element

February 3, 2017
One would think hiring workers needed by employers would be a rather simple activity. Read More

Results of possible tax reform hard to predict

January 27, 2017
My mind has been on cable news overload in recent weeks given the election, transition, inauguration and confirmation process. Read More

Got a small job? Hire an appropriately sized firm

January 20, 2017
What should you expect when you buy someone's time? Read More

Keep that resolution; create your best year ever

January 13, 2017
More than 200 million Americans made New Year’s resolutions this month and, yet, only 8 percent will keep them. Read More

Six days in court — almost as fun as a Christmas Party

January 6, 2017
I missed the office Christmas party. Read More

Protecting the family business from fraud

December 30, 2016
“It happened to me.” Read More

Trump, death and taxes: 2017 and beyond

December 23, 2016
As some readers may have noticed, we recently had a national election. Read More

Family business strategic plan development

December 16, 2016
Having a good strategic plan can be instrumental to the long-term health of the organization — a statement often made by business experts. Read More