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A weekly column on matters concerning legal, money, small business, family business and people issues.


Tread lightly when employing friends and family

August 18, 2017
There are three words that make people feel all warm and secure: love, friends and family. Those are beautiful words, but they can raise havoc on your business. Read More

Transferring a family business through buy-sell planning

August 11, 2017
Most family business owners are very busy with urgent areas of their business: recruiting and retaining good employees, and keeping customers satisfied. Read More

Onboarding: Is there serious value or is it hype?

August 4, 2017
Riding around town these days, it’s easy to see a number of signs that indicate an organization is looking to hire staff. Read More

Make time to revisit retirement plans

July 28, 2017
Summer brings many things — baseball, outdoor barbeques, Fourth of July festivities, vacations and time to spend with family and friends. Read More

Practice self-improvement; update foundational beliefs

July 14, 2017
The beliefs and attitudes that are the foundation of how you approach business come from many sources. Read More

Corporate housekeeping: Don’t ignore the cobwebs

July 7, 2017
The concept of entity formation and protection of personal assets is a common topic that is thrust in front of business owners at all stages, from a startup to a third-generation family business. Read More

For long-term success, consider norm deviation

June 23, 2017
Ever hear anyone say, “What’s wrong with kids these days”? Read More

Marginal tax rate reduction could impact charitable giving

June 16, 2017
The chatter on tax reform continues. Read More

For best results, properly manage time AND energy

June 9, 2017
I had to make a decision the other morning. Read More

What does neuroscience have to do with family business?

June 2, 2017
One mid-November night, I was driving down a country road with my 15-year-old son. Read More