Sales Moves

Jeffrey Gitomer comments on sales successes -- and disasters.


Do you have the character and characteristics for sales success?

June 16, 2017
Here is list of sales success characteristics. Read More

Before making the proposal, you’d better make the sale

June 2, 2017
“Sounds good. Send me a proposal.” Read More

The risk of 9 to 5 and the reality of before and after

May 26, 2017
Ninety-five percent of all salespeople try to fit their sales day into a normal workday. Read More

What would Ben Franklin think of the ‘Ben Franklin close’?

April 28, 2017
The Benjamin Franklin close (also known as “the balance sheet close”) is one of the classic old-time sales tactics used to “close a sale.” Read More

Driving for sales success? Jim Rohn supplies the fuel

March 24, 2017
The root of your sales success lies in your sales philosophy. How did you develop yours? Read More