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Entrepreneur integrates fitness equipment into furniture

December 9, 2016
An entrepreneur with years of experience in the furniture industry has designed a new line of armchairs that feature built-in fitness equipment. Read More

Marketing firm makes acquisition

December 6, 2016
A local marketing firm has acquired another company in the region. Read More

Employees get kick out of ‘boot party’

Construction services company HighPoint Electric doles out Christmas boot allowance.

December 2, 2016
When it comes to perks for employees, one area company is looking to the feet. Read More

Creston gallery owner embraces creativity of all stripes

Kendall art grad opens art retail boutique, community education space.

December 2, 2016
Hannah Grohman has two missions in her new business: To provide space for art to be created and sold and to educate creative types of all stripes. Read More

Malted barley company rides ‘perfect storm’ to expansion

Pilot Malt House announces partnership with larger brewing supply company to distribute product outside of Michigan.

December 2, 2016
Michigan-grown and malted barley, and other grains, soon could be in the hands of thousands of brewers across the country. Read More

Coffee shop rooted in community

Roots Brew Shop co-owners look to the future as popularity on West Side grows.

December 2, 2016
Mallory Root realized early in her post-college work life she was good at one thing in particular: managing a staff. Read More

Gift box company looking out for small businesses

Boxed GR assembles array of local products to help ‘my customers impress their customers.’

December 2, 2016
When Missy McCall started Boxed GR, it wasn’t just because she loved making gift boxes. She wanted to be a gift to the small business economy. Read More

A2P’s GreenGirt improves thermal efficiency

Hamilton-based company’s product 16 years in making reduces HVAC costs to heat and cool buildings.

December 2, 2016
Since working on a project in Fairbanks, Alaska, in the 1980s, Matt Krause has searched for a way to insulate walls for thermal efficiency. Read More

Women's clothing boutique opens doors

December 1, 2016
A new women’s clothing store is opening in a Grand Rapids neighborhood. Read More

Subject: Re: email etiquette

November 30, 2016
More and more, we are being asked as business owners, employees and customers to engage with technology. That technology ranges from automated phone systems to apps and even to the “old-school” technology of email. Read More