2017 495GR Cover

Grand Rapids is topping lists throughout the country for the city’s culture, vitality, creativity, food, entertainment and lifestyle.

But what has the most impact on the city?


The businesses that serve, the communities that engage and the people who live and work throughout the area and impact the downtown are what make this area so unique. The people who serve, build and contribute to Grand Rapids are what set this city apart.

For this year’s edition of 495GR, we are highlighting the businesses that impact Grand Rapids and make this city continue to grow and thrive — and make headlines.

Let us tell the story of your impact on Grand Rapids and how your business is part of this thriving community.

It is my continued privilege to share these stories and make my own small impact on this community through this publication. 

Join us for volume seven of 495GR and show your impact on Grand Rapids.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Sanders
Elizabeth Sanders has been commissioned for the writing of 495GR, she is a freelance business journalist and a local business owner.


495GR will be Published in the September 2018 issue of Grand Rapids Magazine and the August 13 issue of the Grand Rapids Business Journal. 

Elizabeth Sanders has been commissioned for the writing. The magazine is a premium quality, perfect bound, publication. Total copies printed is 16,000 with overprinting available upon request.

495GR will be an integrated medium whereas digital versions will be produced as an electronic page-view magazine and a video that can be hosted and/or linked to every participant’s website.


See videos here from 2017 495GR "Bridging Downtown"



495GR is 100 percent marketing, with each two-page advertising spread designed in story format.

Two-Page Story: $3,450
Includes writer, photography and video.

Standard Single-Page Ad: $2,150

Materials Due Deadline: June 8, 2018
No further discounts apply.


495GR FAQ’s

Q When can I expect the writer to contact me?
A Elizabeth Sanders will contact you within a week after your commitment has been turned in.

Q Will I get a chance to proof-read the story?
A Yes. Once Elizabeth has finished your story she will send it to you to review and proof. All stories will be between 300-350 words.

Q Will I see a proof of the 2-page spread before it goes to print?
A Yes. Your two page spread will be sent to you for review.

Q Where will the interview be held?
A Elizabeth will initially contact you by phone or email to schedule an interview with you. The interview can be held in person or on the phone. It is your preference.

Q How much time should I allot for the interview with Elizabeth?
A Each session will be scheduled for 30-45 minutes.

Q How will photos, b-roll and video interview be scheduled?
A Photo, b-roll sessions and video interview will take place at your business or location that you choose and will be scheduled after Elizabeth has a rough draft of your story completed. Please plan for a two hour session. Completed by 616 Media.

Q What type photos are needed for 495GR?
A The goal of 495GR is portray the synergy and excitement of how your business is “Impacting Grand Rapids.” Your photos will portray the what, who and why of your business and the impact on Grand Rapids.

Q Is it okay if I provide our own photos?
A You can provide photos of your business however our photographer is part of your package; we would encourage you to take advantage of the full package.

Q Do I have rights to the photos that were taken for 495GR?
A You own the rights to the three or four professional photos we use in the final advertising spread and may use them for your own purposes such as brochures, websites, etc. Other images from the photo shoot may be purchased from the photographer if you are interested.

Q What text should I prepare for the video?
A You do not have to provide text for your video. The questions in the video will be based on your story.

Q Will I get a copy of my video?
A Yes. You will receive a link that you add to your website and share on social media.