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November 15, 2002
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LANSING — Kent County will receive about $2 million worth of transportation enhancement funds for four projects next year. Those dollars are part of a $17 million package recently unveiled by the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The money will be used to beautify roadsides, expand recreational opportunities and address other nontraditional transportation needs in the state.

“While we are still continuing our aggressive program to repair Michigan’s roads, we must take advantage of the opportunity to partner with local communities in improving the aesthetics of our state,” said MDOT Director Gregory J. Rosine.

For Kent County that means:

  • Nearly a mile stretch of 44th Street will be landscaped from Kalamazoo Avenue to Applewood Drive. The project will cost nearly $115,000, which includes $86,000 in federal funds and slightly less than $29,000 from Grand Rapids and Kentwood.
  • About 2.5 miles of shoulders will be paved on both sides of Grand River Drive from Bewell Avenue in Lowell Township to Division Street at the Lowell city limits for a bike path. The project will cost $800,000, with federal funds and Kent County Road Commission dollars splitting the tab.
  • A three-mile non-motorized pathway will be built starting on the north side of 60th Street to the existing Paul Henry Thornapple Trail in Gaines Township. The project will cost $600,000, which includes $480,000 in federal funds and $120,000 from the Kent County Road Commission.
  • A non-motorized trail will be built from Bonnell Avenue to Kate Avenue in Grand Rapids Township. The project will cost nearly $510,000. Federal funds will account for $122,000 of that total, while a private donor, East Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Township will pick up the rest.

Rosine said the Transportation Enhancement Program has funded 1,132 projects since 1992, and this round of awards will help pay for 44 more projects in the state.           

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