SageStone Acquires RelativityKM

January 6, 2003
| By Katy Rent |
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GRAND RAPIDS — Sagestone Inc. recently acquired the capabilities of RelativityKM, a Muskegon-based provider of strategic knowledge management and learning solutions.

The new division of Sagestone, called Sagestone Knowledge Solutions (SKS), will focus on knowledge management, business process solutions, and training and documentation services, complementing Sagestone’s current software engineering services.

Sherri Barber and Leian Royce, formerly of Relativity KM, will lead SKS. Knowledge solutions is the process through which organizations generate value from their intellectual and knowledge-based assets.

This division will serve as an outsourced project manager, chief learning officer or chief knowledge officer for businesses and enables clients to realize expert knowledge for a fraction of the cost of in-house services.

“This is a win-win-win for Sagestone, RKM and our clients,” said Barber, vice president of SKS. “Bringing high quality technology solutions together with a team that can make this technology understandable and useful to the end user provides a missing link in the delivery of software solutions.”

SKS will be headquartered in Sagestone’s Grand Rapids facility. In addition, Sagestone and RelativityKM plan to announce a joint-presence satellite location in the Muskegon Smart Zone, which will leverage RelativityKM’s existing office space.

“Sagestone Knowledge Solutions is a great fit with Sagestone Consulting. SKS brings a strategy for making certain that our software engineering meets the needs of our customers,” said Keith Brophy, CEO of Sagestone.

“For example, early in an engagement, Knowledge Solutions can map what a customer is now doing, discover what areas need improvement and demonstrate how technology can bring solutions. Once a software solution is delivered to our client, SKS can assure that an appropriate knowledge of the new system has been transferred to the client.”

Brophy and Barber expect the merging of their firms to have an immediate impact on Sagestone’s further growth and success.

“The success of any software solution is dependent upon acceptance by the end-user and documentation and training are essential to that acceptance,” added Brophy. “This acquisition gives us a competitive edge over the other software solution companies.”           

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