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March 5, 2003
| By Katy Rent |
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GRAND RAPIDS — For many years consumers seeking Internet service have had two options: pay a low price on a dialup connection or pay a premium price for a faster ISDN or DSL line. Now Iserv is offering a different, and faster, option.

Iserv has created a new high-speed Internet service called Accelerated Dialup. Iserv Accelerated Dialup (IAD) uses patented technology and proprietary algorithms that compress Web pages and e-mail messages.

What this means to customers is that the Accelerated Dialup boosts browsing speeds up to six times faster and provides a near broadband-like connection at a fraction of the cost of most broadband services.

“Our Accelerated Dialup is the first Iserv service to truly open the world of high-speed Web connections to the general public,” said Victor Shepard, CEO of Iserv. “More and more users are finding they simply need a faster connection for much of what the Web has to offer these days. At the same time, people are understandably concerned about the costs of leaving dialup service. With surfing speeds up to six times faster, IAD gives users dramatically increased performance at an affordable price. Plus, those that travel throughout the state of Michigan can utilize IAD wherever they go. This service is a quick, reliable way to join the broadband revolution without the hassle or cost.”

The IAD service costs customers $4.95 per month in addition to their current dialup fees. The service is available to all Iserv dialup customers and the company is offering a free month of service with every new IAD account.

For more information, customers can call Iserv at 1 (888) 644-7378.  

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