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March 21, 2003
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GRAND RAPIDS — As part of the city’s response to the war in Iraq and the threat of terrorist acts on U.S. soil, Grand Rapids Police Chief Harry Dolan says citizens can expect to see an increased police presence over the coming days and weeks.

Dolan said police command officers, in conjunction with the city’s Emergency Management Team and other entities, have been meeting continuously this week to analyze information from available sources and to develop response plans to address rapidly changing circumstances.

“As part of this response, members of the public may notice increased police presence in certain areas, although no specific or credible threats have been received for Grand Rapids or West Michigan,” he said.

City Manager Kurt Kimball indicated that the public is asked to assist in this effort by calling 911 to report suspicious behavior or activity that would lead them to believe a crime is about to occur. City officials said there will be increased security measures at various public buildings, including City Hall and police headquarters.

In addition to increasing police presence in the city, Kimball said staff is acting to provide support for the various public gatherings that will occur as a result of the war. Dolan said the police department is committed to ensuring citizens’ First Amendment rights while at the same time providing safe venues for participants and other members of the public.           

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