Report States CommunitiesAt Risk

April 25, 2003
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WYOMING — The author of a worrisome analysis of Michigan urban growth patterns will discuss his report Monday with the media and area municipal leaders.

Speaking Monday afternoon at the old Koeze Company building on Burton Street SW will be Myron Orfield, president of Ameregis, a Minneapolis-based firm that researches metropolitan areas.

In meeting with the media and some local officials, Orfield will outline his report, Michigan Metropatterns. The report purports to analyze social, racial, fiscal and political trends in the state’s seven largest metropolitan regions, including Grand Rapids.

Reportedly, Orfield’s analysis highlights how cities and suburbs alike are hurt by development patterns that waste resources, diminish quality of life and undermine equality of opportunity.

Orfield’s report is said to argue that reformed regional land-use policies hold promise for improved service delivery, lower taxation while helping to preserve open space and reduce congestion.

He is expected to encourage local and state leaders and business leaders to recognize the commonality of interest between many central cities and their suburbs.

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