Haworth Has The Moxie For NeoCon

June 20, 2003
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HOLLAND — Haworth Inc.'s new Moxie office system seeks to build on the "fits-in-anywhere" design theme the company laid out with its "if" product line introduction three years ago.

Moxie mixes a spinewall — which provides access to data and power — with new work surfaces, storage units and shelving to create a highly flexible system.

The result is a mix that offers an office aesthetic that Haworth describes as "light in scale and elegant in form."

"You can use it in a setting from upscale to the other end," Haworth communications manager Susan Wray said.

In turning to Moxie, Product Manager Marta Mackraz said Haworth is going after a market where "we weren't competing well in the past."

The new system, which made its debut at last week's NeoCon, features translucent doors and dividers with soft colors to define and separate work areas.

Screens, circular lampshades, banners and canopies help to provide privacy and create a comforting aesthetic.

"It's taking the familiar to a new 'wow,'" Mackraz said of Moxie's design.
"We're going for customers that are looking for a whole new aesthetic."

Haworth says Moxie is designed to enable users to easily reconfigure their workspaces to suit their style and tasks, helping to boost job satisfaction and performance.

The spinewall — which supports shelves and accessories — allows for the creation of workspace in varying angles, from 90 degrees to 120 degrees.
With certain elements and options, such as wood trim, Moxie is adaptive to most office environments, "from fun to sophisticated, from complete to simple," Mackraz said.

"The goal," she added, "is to enable a company to fill out the office with a consistent look throughout by using a single system.

"It brings more function to the work environment," Mackraz said.

"In some areas you need flair, in some areas you need down and dirty. So you don't want to manage a whole different set of products in your building."

Moxie goes on the market in November.

Haworth last week also introduced the Hello Collection of retro-style mobile lounge seating for use in such areas as conference rooms, waiting rooms, team spaces, classrooms and dormitories.

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