SBAM Wants SB 612 Rejected

October 22, 2003
| By Katy Rent |
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LANSING — The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) called on the Michigan Public Service Commission to move aggressively forward to encourage a competitive electricity market in the state and to counter efforts by Detroit Edison to kill choice for small customers.

“Electric choice programs need strong oversight to avoid being crushed by the monopoly electricity providers,” said Barry Cargill, vice president government relations for SBAM. “It’s clear from Detroit Edison’s efforts to restrict choice to only its largest customers that the big utilities want to leave small business and residential customers out in the cold.”

Detroit Edison has proposed limiting electric choice to only those companies that use more than one megawatt of electricity a month, a policy that would eliminate small businesses from being able to take advantage of lower cost competitive electricity suppliers.

“In the legislature it appears that Detroit Edison is pushing for passage of SB 612 to not only use regulated service to subsidize unregulated appliance repair service, but also as a ‘Trojan Horse’ to kill electric choice,” said Cargill. “Lawmakers should reject SB 612 and join us in calling for the Public Service Commission to take a stronger role in promoting competitive electricity markets.”           

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