DEQ Honors GH Light Firm

February 20, 2004
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GRAND HAVEN — Light Corp., a maker of energy-efficient residential and commercial lighting systems, has earned the state's Clean Corporate Citizen designation for environmentally friendly business practices.

The Grand Haven-based manufacturing firm promotes energy efficiency both in its internal administration and manufacturing processes.

The company is the 87th corporation in Michigan to receive the Clean Corporate Citizen designation.

"The associates at Light Corp. deserve this special recognition for weaving responsible environmental management into all of their programs and operations," said Steve Chester, director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

"They demonstrate that focusing on the manufacture of environmentally friendly products can benefit their customers, the Grand Haven community and their bottom line."

The state's Clean Corporate Citizen program provides greater permitting flexibility to corporations that demonstrate environmental stewardship and that participate voluntarily. This flexibility includes expedited permits and other regulatory benefits.

Light Corp., which earned ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management systems three years ago, promotes energy efficiency by using advanced fluorescent lamps, electronic ballasts and occupancy sensors that turn off lights when an office is unoccupied.

Founded in 1986, Light Corp. designs and manufactures energy-efficient task and ambient lighting systems for offices and homes.

The company employs about 100 people at its 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on the south side of town.

Under company policy, Light Corp. considers a product's life cycle in designing and manufacturing lighting systems.

The company's managers have set and achieved goals to reduce the disposal of hazardous materials by 100 percent, reduce energy consumption by 20 percent, and buy 100 percent recycled-content corrugated packaging to be used for shipping products.

"We are fortunate to live and work in a beautiful part of the state, close to the shores of Lake Michigan," said Light's president and CEO, Bradley Davis.

"The environment and creating sustainable products is a high priority for us."

Clean Corporate Citizen designations are good for one year and are renewable if the company continues to meet the state's criteria.

To qualify for a designation, companies must have an environmental management system for a specific facility, active pollution prevention initiatives, and a consistent record of compliance with state environmental requirements.

The program is open to companies regulated under any of Michigan's environmental laws.

"Light Corp. exemplifies the corporate image the Clean Corporate Citizen program was based on," Gov. Jennifer Granholm said.

"Their demonstration of environmental stewardship in the design and manufacture of their products continues to demonstrate that environmental stewardship and economic success can co-exist."

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