City Eyes Parking Hikes

April 25, 2005
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GRAND RAPIDS — Parking commissioners will weigh in next month on whether the price to park downtown should rise. If commissioners push the price up that means monthly customers are likely to see about a 3 percent hike added to their current charge.

An increase would be based on changes made to the Consumer Price Index from last spring. Last month, the CPI was at 2.969 percent.

The proposed monthly increases across all facilities would result in an additional $103,350 in parking revenue to the city. All the proposed hikes to daily, monthly and event parking rates would come to $238,075 for the upcoming fiscal year.

Parking Services would get $139,325 of that total amount. The Downtown Development Authority would receive $29,400, the Convention and Arena Authority would get $15,650, and the city’s General Fund would receive $53,700 in FY06 from the increases.

Proposed increases for daily half-hour rates would rise from 95 cents to $1 at most city-owned lots and ramps, while the cost to park for events at

DeVos Place
and Van Andel Arena would go up from $6.25 to $6.50 at the most used facilities.

While she was putting together the proposed rate hikes for the commissioners to review, Parking Services Director Pam Ritsema found that the GovernmentCenter ramp in Chicago charges $15 to park for an hour or less and $22 for all day. For contrast, Ritsema pointed out that the city’s proposed maximum daily rate ranges from $2 to $9.

Should the increases be approved, the cost for monthly parking downtown would run from a low of $22.75 at DASH West and DASH South Area 6 to a high of $132 in the DeVos Place, Government Center and Pearl Ionia ramps.

Ritsema said monthly parking costs $66 to $122 in Lansing, $20 to $150 in Detroit, $106 to $136 in Madison, $85 to $120 in Milwaukee, $135 to $230 in Minneapolis, and $225 to $550 in New York City.    

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