NuSoft Expands To Microsoft Country

August 1, 2005
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GRAND RAPIDS — Just about nine months after acquiring locally grown Sagestone Consulting Inc., Troy-based NuSoft Solutions is opening a new office in Seattle — the hometown of Microsoft. NuSoft leads its operations out of its Troy and Grand Rapids offices and has offices in Houston and Cincinnati, as well as full time employees in Chicago and Colorado. The company has the largest concentration of Microsoft Certified Professionals of any IT solution provider in Michigan. Microsoft is expected to release in 2006 one of biggest technology upgrades.

Sagestone founder and CEO Keith Brophy has been NuSoft's president of business development since the acquisition. He said the Seattle office is a great anchor location next to Microsoft's corporate and product development headquarters.

Initially, one principal consultant will lead up the Seattle branch and the company will add possibly four more people by the end of this year and 20 by the end of 2006, Brophy noted. 

He said the Seattle branch is a very important conduit between NuSoft and Microsoft because NuSoft works closely with Microsoft product teams in Redmond, as well as national vertical practices such as the Education Practice.

"We have a layer of software called Connected Learning Framework for educational clients that is built upon Microsoft Sharepoint and Class Server products and the co-location will facilitate that activity," he explained.

In addition, NuSoft often works directly with the product teams across all Microsoft product lines and on solutions for all industries, so the co-location allows NuSoft greater direct access.

Brophy said the new Seattle office translates into benefits for West Michigan businesses in a number of ways. Grand Rapids is a key anchor location for NuSoft, with top experts, executives and ownership here, as well as in Detroit, he noted. "West Michigan benefits from having one of the nation's key technology businesses that is directly working with Microsoft right in its backyard," he remarked.

More than 60 of NuSoft's 150 employees reside in West Michigan, and NuSoft expects to be a key part of West Michigan's growth in the years ahead, he said.

"We feel our most important contribution to the community, however, is our infusion of key technology into the area. Our Mircrosoft-based expertise also applies directly to our West Michigan based solutions."

Brophy said Microsoft has a key new release coming up in 2006 that is one of its biggest technology releases ever — a new operating system with "tremendous" new capabilities.

"This will likely result in one of the biggest flurry of technology upgrades we have seen, because businesses that upgrade will realize great benefit in the technology driven aspects of their businesses. NuSoft Solutions is working to be a leader at driving this solution forward, and our Seattle branch launch is also one part of firmly cementing this leadership."

He said the evolution of Sagestone into NuSoft has been an incredible step forward. "Our dream has always been to be the clear national leader in Microsoft-based software engineering. Now, with the many advances of NuSoft, from our ability to scale to our broad team of experts, to moves such as our new Seattle expansion, we are pushing the business to levels we have always aspired to."

Upon Sagestone's acquisition in late November 2004, NuSoft founder and CEO Dale Mansour said the newly combined company was positioning itself to compete globally with larger companies like Dell and IBM Global Services. He said the blending of NuSoft and Sagestone "created one of the leading providers of IT services in the Midwest" and that the company anticipates exponential growth.

As businesses transform on the strength of technology, Brophy said, NuSoft sees its role as transformational technology providers as "very key" to the clients and communities it serves.

"As West Michigan and Michigan's economies evolve, we feel our role is to continue to be trailblazers in providing on-time, in-budget technology solutions that are the core of a new era of business."    

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