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December 5, 2005
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GRAND RAPIDS — Supporters of local arts and cultural organizations might be asked to provide a bit more funding this fiscal year, as state grants to these groups have fallen by an average of 19 percent from the previous fiscal year.

Arts and cultural organizations in Kent County were awarded a total of $653,100 in grants from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs for the current fiscal year that runs through Sept. 30, 2006. That figure is down from the $806,300 county groups received from the state for FY05.

In all, MCACA awarded $9.8 million in FY06 grants statewide, compared to the $11.7 million that was awarded the previous year. The state handed out $23.6 million in grant money to arts and cultural groups four years ago and $22.3 million three years ago.

“These grants are an investment in Michigan’s economic future, because the arts and cultural sector has such a key role in energizing our state’s economic economy,” said Dr. William Anderson, director of the Michigan Department of History, Arts and Libraries, which houses MCACA.

The following chart lists grant recipients in the county the past two fiscal years and the percentage change in the award money, where it is applicable.

Local                                             FY2005            FY2006          Percent

Organization                                Total                Total             Change

Actors Theatre Company              $17,200            $13,100            -23.8%

Aquinas College                                     $0               $2,700              N/A

Arts Council of Greater GR          $87,900             $79,900             -9.1%

Calvin College                                        $0               $5,900              N/A

City of Grand Rapids                     $40,000                      $0             N/A

Community Circle Theatre            $35,000             $28,900            -17.4%

GR Art Museum                            $30,900             $25,700            -16.8%

GR Ballet Company                      $17,900              $15,000           -16.2%

GR Children’s Museum                 $15,300                      $0              N/A

GR Civic Theatre                          $23,500             $19,500            -17.0%

GR Symphony Society                 $185,000           $156,100            -15.6%

John Ball Zoological Garden         $42,800             $35,500            -17.0%

Junior League of GR                      $16,400             $12,100            -26.2%

Lowell Arts Council                       $20,000             $17,700           -11.5%

North American Choral Company  $15,900            $14,800            -6.9%

Opera GR                                      $24,000             $20,200           -15.8%

Public Museum of GR                  $136,900          $115,300            -15.8%

Sherwood Park Elementary                     $0              $7,000             N/A

St. Cecilia Music Society                $21,700             $18,000           -17.0%

UICA                                              $15,000             $14,800           -1.3%

West Mich. Horticulture Society    $60,900             $50,900           -16.4%

Total                                            $806,300           $653,100            -19.0%

Source: Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, October 2005

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