Fords Funeral Expensive

January 12, 2007
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GRAND RAPIDS — City Manager Kurt Kimball said more than 1,000 local, state and federal personnel were involved in the tribute to former President Gerald R. Ford, an event that included two motorcades, public viewing, and his funeral and interment.

“The most significant of those involved was the police department,” said Kimball, “and the fire department also played a significant role.”

Fiscal Services, Parking Services, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works were also involved.

AssistantCity Manager Jose Reyna estimated the city’s cost for the tribute at just under $289,000, with the police department accounting for $237,000 of that. But Kimball noted that the city would have spent $107,000 on police staffing over that period, so the additional expense to the city actually was less than $200,000.

“It was all handled with incredible grace and style,” said Mayor George Heartwell.

Reyna said it wasn’t likely the city would be reimbursed for its costs, but an attempt would be made to do so.    

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