Life Sciences CEO Roundtable

January 12, 2007
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LANSING — A Chief Executives Roundtable is about to be formed to help Michigan medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences companies gain access to the resources they need to grow.

Under a contract with the Michigan Economic Development Corp., CJPS Enterprises LLC will select a group of executives from throughout the state to sit on the Chief Executives Roundtable, which will be part of the Michigan Life Sciences Pipeline and the 21st Century Jobs Fund initiative. The group will provide business executives in the life sciences with continuous learning, mentoring and development expertise in small peer group settings, as well as confidential one-on-one sessions. They’ll share knowledge and know-how through workshops, idea exchanges, brainstorming sessions and networking events.

Christophe Sevrain, CEO of CJPS Enterprises, said a lot of companies have called to express their interest in participating. He expects the roundtable will consist of about 10 executives with a healthy mix of experience, from both large and small life sciences companies.

“There’s value for someone from a big company to have someone who is more entrepreneurial in the group and, vice versa, maybe a smaller company could benefit from a large company’s perspective,” Sevrain said. “If we feel we need 20 individuals, we’ll create two roundtables. There’s nothing to prevent us from having five different roundtables if there is a need.”

CJPS Enterprises provides entrepreneurial leadership to companies interested in accelerating the growth of their business. It helps businesses develop strategies and execute their business plans, offering assistance in the licensing of technologies, in setting up strategic alliances, in the commercialization of new products, in the acquisition and integration of companies, and in identifying distribution channels.

The roundtable’s first meeting will be held late in the first quarter. Sevrain said members may decide to hold their meeting at various locations around the state. Each meeting will consist of a mini-seminar on a particular best practice, a guest speaker, and a brainstorming session to address the specific challenges that a member is experiencing. Sevrain will conduct the private, one-on-one sessions that include a business review, a progress update, and an in-depth discussion of key issues and opportunities facing the company.

“This is about helping people set their direction and vision and execute their plan,” he said. “It’s a one-year program, so we want to make sure we’re very customer-driven and start with the issues and topics that the majority of the team feels are the most urgent to deal with.”

CJPS Enterprises also is serving as a subcontractor to MichBio on the development of the Life Sciences Pipeline.    

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