Holland Hospital Adds New EU

January 29, 2007
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HOLLAND — A new unit in the Emergency Department at Holland Hospital will allow for a longer period of evaluation for some patients with serious symptoms.

The Clinical Decision Unit will provide for up to 18 hours of monitoring and evaluation for patients with chest pain, one of the signs of a possible heart attack. In the future, the eight-bed unit will accommodate patients with symptoms of dehydration, abdominal pain, head injuries, allergic reactions and asthma.

“Typically, emergency patients are either treated immediately and released or admitted to the hospital,” stated Janice Culina, director of emergency service and Prime Care at Holland Hospital. “Some E.D. patients, however, require close observation and skilled care for a long time before a decision can be made whether to discharge or admit them. With the option to transfer E.D. symptoms to the CDU, high-quality care is assured and patients may be able to avoid the inconvenience and cost of unnecessary hospital admission.”     

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