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July 16, 2007
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Priority Health’s Amy Chambers is no dummy, but she is now an author.

Chambers wrote “Health Savings Accounts for Dummies,” published earlier this year by the trade side of Wiley Publishing Inc. of Indianapolis. The 40-page book, which is being distributed only through Priority Health, covers the details of HSAs, those special savings accounts that are being paired with high-deductible health insurance to cut down on premium costs.

“I’ve been working with HSAs since they were first introduced,” Chambers said. “I am an employee benefits attorney and director of our consumer-engaged health care lineup, so I own the HSAs here at Priority Health. I’ve been studying HSAs for a while, and constructed our product here with the help of a team. I’ve been consulting on this product to our employers, and I’ve been teaching members since early 2005, so I have a pretty good handle on that.

“Arguably, I am an expert in this area.”

So when Priority Health’s marketing department approached Chambers with the idea for a book on HSAs, she jumped at it.

“I was writing mostly from my couch at home, nights and weekends, whenever I could steal away, all through the holidays, all through New Year’s. I had a final copy for review the last week in January,” she recalled.

A Wiley editor then took Chamber’s expert draft and gave it the casual, tongue-in-cheek “Dummies” twist. For example, on deductibles: “… Dad’s emergency appendectomy can put the family over the limit in the time it takes to get the surgeon off the golf course.”

Priority Health printed 25,000 copies, which are being distributed to members who have high deductible HSA plans, employers interested in the product and audience members at Chambers’ frequent presentations.

“Really, the reason we did them was to create an educational tool,” she said. “We really want to be the community expert in HSAs.”

An English literature major at the University of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, former Warner Norcross & Judd attorney Chambers is no stranger to the written word. But this is her first book, which hit home when she saw the International Standard Book Number — ISBN — on the back.

“I was so excited when I flipped the thing over and saw (the ISBN),” she said.      HQ

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