Non-MMPC Patients Can Access Therapy

August 6, 2007
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GRAND RAPIDS — Michigan Medical PC has added physical therapy to its services available to people who are not MMPC patients.

While the physical therapy division opened last fall at 4069 Lake Drive SE, MMPC only recently completed agreements with a variety of insurers to cover the services, CEO Ted Inman said.

“We started physical therapy back in November with the intent of having it as another service that’s open to everybody,” Inman said. “It just takes a while with payers to get the approvals to do that. As a multi-specialty group we want to be comprehensive. Particularly with orthopedics, podiatry and neurology, we use a lot physical therapy. It was something we decided to do because of internal need.”

According to Scott Henderson, MMPC’s physical therapy practice manager, services includes activities of daily living, anodyne therapy, balance training, flexibility and strength exercise programs, joint mobilization and stabilization, manual therapy, mobility and movement, muscle retraining, neurological rehab such as stroke management, Parkinson’s Disease and multiple sclerosis. Specialty programs address chronic pain management and headaches.

“We have therapists who have had specialized training and are certified to help patients who are struggling with lymphedema and pelvic floor problems such as urinary and bowel incontinence, and pediatric bedwetting,” Henderson added. “We also offer aquatherapy.”

Other services, such as imaging, also are available to patients whose doctors are not part of MMPC.

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