Other Programs For Kent County Youth And Their Families

September 6, 2007
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Besides the new Juvenile Success Center effort that begins next month, Kent County’s 17th Circuit Court also operates at least four other programs that counsel and treat adolescents and their families.

Adolescent Sex Offender Treatment Program

What: An assessment and treatment program for criminal sexual conduct and related offenses.

Budget: $376,990

Staffing level: Four full-time employees.

Goal: To prevent further sexual victimization.

Objectives: Less than 10 percent of sex offenders will re-offend during treatment; less than five offenders will re-offend within a year of completing treatment; and 75 percent will complete treatment objectives.

Court-Appointed Special Advocate Program

What: Specially trained volunteers serve as advocates for abused and neglected children during child-protective legal proceedings.

Budget: $89,480

Staffing level: No employees.

Goal: To recruit and train qualified volunteers to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children.

Objective: 75 percent of cases to be assigned to a volunteer within 60 days of a referral.

Community Probation Program

What: Personalized court supervision for juveniles and their families.

Budget: $3,977,331

Staffing level: 42 full- and 12 part-time employees.

Goal: To further reduce delinquency in the targeted population.

Objectives: Less than 20 percent of successfully discharged cases will commit a new violation and be referred to the court again, and less than 10 percent of closed intake cases will return again within a year.

Crisis Intervention Program

What: Short-term counseling and diversion program for families with youth 12-17 years old and experiencing adolescent development problems.

Budget: $463,510

Staffing level: Five full-time employees.

Goals: To prevent offenders from being held in detention without a court order, and to prevent offenders with minor violations from becoming wards of the court.

Objectives: To release 90 percent of all status offenders admitted to detention within six hours, and to divert 85 percent of offenders that receive intervention services from becoming wards for 120 days.

Source: Kent County 17th Circuit Court

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