Network Forms New Virtual Companies

October 19, 2007
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LANSING — The Michigan Life Science Network will launch two new companies designed to stimulate significant and measurable new life science business for Michigan companies.

The Michigan Virtual BioPharma Company, LLC and the Michigan Virtual Medical Device Company, LLC will launch at an exhibit on Tuesday during the MichBio Expo annual convention in Lansing.

"These new LLCs will pull together the knowledge and qualifications of the 600 plus human life science companies scattered across the state and organize them into a functional cooperative full service pharmaceutical company and full service device company for the first time and then, market them across the nation and the world," said Michael Debiak, president of Michigan Life Science Network.

There are already several lists and regional directories that include some partial knowledge of these companies, but there is no single entry point to do business with Michigan's virtual company. There is little knowledge of or communications between these companies, Debiak said.    

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