Muskegon Downtown Development At $184 Million

November 5, 2007
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With a handful of announcements this part quarter, the total value of dollar of development in downtown Muskegon has grown to more than $184 million in this decade.

“It’s really taken off at this point,” said Dan Rinsema-Sybenga, manager of Muskegon Area First’s Main Street program. “Especially on the mall site, but generally in the downtown area all together. We’re seeing a lot of construction, cranes and construction workers.”

The development is having a compounding effect, Rinsema Sybenga explained, with the various developments feeding off interest in neighboring projects. This is especially true on the site of the former Muskegon Mall, where a great deal of development has occurred in only the past 18 months.

Amazon Building     550 W. Western Ave.    $16 million
Annis Water Resources Institute  740 Shoreline Drive    $5 million
Art Works Muskegon   610 W. Clay Ave.    $6 million
Baker College Culinary Arts   336 W. Clay Ave.   $11 million
Central Fire Station   
770 Terrace St.    $4.4 million
The Cheese Lady    197 W. Clay Ave.    $25,000
Clay Avenue Cellars    611 W. Clay Ave.   $40,000
Fifth Third Bank     877 Terrace St.    $450,000
Former Hackley Bank Building  285 W. Western Ave.   $4 million
Hairitage Salon    164 W. Muskegon Ave.  $500,000
Hartshorn Centre     1050 W. Western Ave.    $1 million
Hartshorn Municipal Marina  920 W. Western Ave.    $1.5 million
Heritage Square Townhomes  296 W. Clay Ave.   $5 million
Hot Rod Harley Davidson   149 Shoreline Drive   $4 million
Huntington Bank    221 W. Webster Ave.   $750,000
J2 Lakeview Townhomes   801 Terrace St.    $5 million
Lakeview Condos     593 W. Western Ave.   $6 million
McCracken Building Renovation   565 W. Western Ave.     $1 million
Michigan Alternative and
          Renewable Energy Center
200 Viridian Drive
$4.3 million
Michigan Avenue Condominiums Michigan Ave.   $750,000
Muskegon Chamber of Commerce  380 W. Western Ave.   $2 million
Muskegon Chronicle Expansion   981 Third St.     $10 million
Muskegon Harbor Holiday Inn  939 Third St.    $2 million 
National City Bank    715 Terrace St.    $4.4 million
Old Co-op at 7th and Clay   585 W. Clay Ave.   $250,000
Old National City Bank Building   333 W. Western Ave.   $2 million
Parmenter O’Toole    601 Terrace St.    $4 million
Renaissance Place     570 W. Clay Ave.   $6 million
Shoreline Inn & Suites    750 Terrace Point Road  $11 million
Sidock Group    379 W. Western Ave.   $2.1 million
Sun, Wind and Rain    475 W. Western Ave.   $125,000
Third Street Project    1115 Third St.    $630,000
Tipsy Toad      609 W. Western Ave.   $500,000
Trunek’s Grill Room    902 Pine St.    $500,000
VidaNova at Edison Landing   Viridian Drive    $15 million
Viridian Place    Viridian Drive    $10 million
Visiting Nurses    880 Terrace St.    $2.7 million
WaterMark Center    930 Washington Ave.   $8 million
Western Avenue Properties LLC  360 W. Western Ave.   $4 million
Various streetscape and
infrastructure improvements  

$22.5 million

Total investment:       

$184.44 million
Source: Muskegon Area First

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