Rehmann Group Alters Its Approach

November 5, 2007
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GRAND RAPIDS — There’s a fundamental change taking place in the way The Rehmann Group does business, and the transformation is being spearheaded by Ron Knipping, the newly appointed managing director for The Rehmann Group’s Grand Rapids office.

Knipping is implementing an enhanced, team-based approach to client service. He’ll pilot the teamwork concept here, and use the Grand Rapids office as a prototype for the firm’s practice statewide. The firm’s other 12 offices in Michigan and Florida are following suit.

Steven D. Kelly, president and CEO of The Rehmann Group, said the initiative is an integrated approach that brings together traditional accounting, tax planning, business consulting and wealth-management services for the benefit of every client.

“We’re calling it a change, but it’s mostly an enhanced formalization and systemizing of what we’re already doing, where we’re bringing all the expertise of our various specialists to bear to help support clients in reaching their goals,” Knipping explained. “Instead of having an organization of ‘silos’ — the tax planner, the estate planner, the financial planner and the wealth asset manager — we’re doing it all as a team.”

As the new managing director, Knipping, a principal and financial advisor with Rehmann Financial, will remain in charge of financial planning services in western and northern Michigan. He believes the company’s shift in approach will provide more value to all the firm’s clients, because each client will have an entire team of advisors to help them achieve their professional and personal financial goals. Whether the client is a medical professional, a business owner or a high-net-worth individual or family, he said, if the client has one group of experts working together, it saves a lot of time, and the client gets a more integrated financial plan for life. 

The Rehmann Group will more or less form “customized’ teams to suit a client’s specific needs. Although all the firm’s services will be available to all clients, if a client, say, has his own attorney or wealth management expert, the firm will integrate them into the team, Knipping noted.  

Knipping said teamwork has been central to his educational and career experiences.

“I’ve always succeeded by being part of a team, helping to build a team and developing the talents within the team,” he remarked. “We’ve seen the success our clients are experiencing with the enhanced team approach, as reported in our client satisfaction survey.”

The Rehmann Group’s has 65 CPAs, business consultants and financial planners locally and more than 550 financial and business professionals across its 12 offices.

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